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the mindset that you bring to it
the taste of your thoughts
a lick would slide down your throat
like a fish headed back to
quaintwhispers Mar 2015
As I spat out my feelings for you
another girl licked them up
Nienke Mar 2014
one day you’ll lick all these tears away
wash them off my face and taste the salt water
you’ll get to know the pain of my heart, bled dry
J A M Aug 2014
The wee little troll
He licked my arm
I really don't think
He meant any harm
****** and disgusting
In his piggish ways
He moves very slowly
And begins to play
In his pointy shoes
He runs and frolics
Falls on his face
Wrinkles his nose
Decides to sit down
And begin to show
How he can behave
To receive his treat
Which is a nice rub
To his wee, little, feet
Jd Schooley Jun 2014
Are there cool mountain streams
That only you know?
Take me there!

Do the colors in your mind
Release the sensations of hot and cold together?
Take me there!

Is the road you seek
Full of pleasurable curves and bumps?
Take me there!

Will you lick the blade
Searching out all the juices?
Take me there!

Is there a point where your heat
Is almost scalding?
Take me there!

When reaching the summit
Is it about conquest?
Or, how you take me there too?
K Balachandran Jun 2014
My pet cat licks my face repeatedly; it feels a bit strange
to jut my jaw forward for a feline to lick and make my face wet.
but as I sit my eyes shut, it feels unreasonably nice, then, it dawns:
she is clicking her LIKES on my real Facebook page
                                                                           the way she knows best.
Eureka! this is my tender Archimedes moment !
the naked truth, reveals itself before me like Venus
why the crazy craving, without rhyme or reason
for LIKES in Facebook and cyberspace;
                                                                          now, I understand so well.
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