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Afreen May 16
The cherub and her
balloons waited,
For her companion,
The sun.
He rises roaring
with laughter,
from the east.

They hold hands,
and frolic in merry,
he fills her eyes
with the sunshine of divine.
As time ticks,
They hop to the beat,
of her heart,
to the west.

Where she bids him
To the higher beyond
he goes,
as she, shares
her sunshine,
with the ghouls
among her.
And like that, she acquainted the ghouls void of warmth the sunshine amidst their wary cold existence.
Tori Aug 2019
The sun hides his face behind gray morning clouds,
Like a tot playing hide and seek.
And at times from around those silver-lined borders,
His beaming face will peek.
He spies me there as I wander below him,
Lilting along my way,
And at once tucks his face out from sight again,
It’s a little game we play.
The westward wind is at once cheerful and lithe,
He tosses my hair to the sky,
Strumming the treetops like a God-made kazoo,
With notes that are cool and light.
The trees all awake to the sound of his tune,
Tossing gracefully to and fro.
Maiden dyads and naiads waltz gracefully on,
Swinging in time with their boughs.
The gravel laughs heartily beneath my worn feet,
In a voice that is deep and merry,
He tells the sweet tails of his long-forgotten trails,
And the travelers they have carried.
He can outline the best and the worst of mankind,
All the forks which have marked their paths,
Of the men who showed courage ‘gainst nature and foe,
And of the burdens on their backs.
(of an animal or person) play and move about cheerfully, excitedly, or energetically.
"Edward frolicked on the sand"
synonyms: frisk, gambol, cavort, caper, cut capers, sport, scamper, skip, dance, romp, trip, prance
So sayeth the dictionary. Might I propose that to frolic is less of a movement and more of a mindset? It is the first word which comes to mind when I experience an appreciation for nature that is at once powerful, potent, and painful. I wish to melt into the earth and become part of it somehow....
was us laying in bed
listening to French classics
as the warm summer breeze
made the white curtains frolic
on a Sunday afternoon
Vexren4000 May 2017
Rabbits scurry and frolic,
Always living in perpetual peace, and Fear,
They know something,
Of the cruelty, this world has to offer.
They have seen comrades rendered piles of meat,
Upon the hot barren asphalt street.
No longer able to frolic and play,
With their friends of the day.  
As they have become,
A mummified disc of hair,
And bone.

Sam Haidan Feb 2015
And I know that we have met before,
In a time and place I cannot recall.
I reckon it to be far long ago,
During a time of magic and frolic.
And that magic has remained with us still,
Through all our lives of togetherness,
Too mighty to be killed.

With you, I feel alive,
As though submerged in an endless ocean of enlightenment;
And immersed in winds that blow
Untamed by even mother nature herself.
For we defy all logic and reason,
Unaffected by anything
Outside of our souls’ immortal bind.
J A M Aug 2014
The wee little troll
He licked my arm
I really don't think
He meant any harm
****** and disgusting
In his piggish ways
He moves very slowly
And begins to play
In his pointy shoes
He runs and frolics
Falls on his face
Wrinkles his nose
Decides to sit down
And begin to show
How he can behave
To receive his treat
Which is a nice rub
To his wee, little, feet
K Balachandran Apr 2014
Wanton moonlight,
filtered through a fine white net
of cirrocumulous clouds,
so delighted by their caresses
splashing noiselessly
in to the blue pool,
wears an alluring tiara,
a crust created by fine foam,
does a squiggly dance
in the heart shaped pond,
where waves make beams
swing around non stop.
The silver white lilies,
one by one touched by this magic,
comes alive, open their eyes
drink from the fountain of
moonlight and join the dance.

The love pair, in their nocturnal
love games are lubricious to the core
having lost their hearts to both
the ethereal beauty and the arrows of cupid

— The End —