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May 2015
Music is her mother, it seems to rock her to sleep
with every pick of a guitar she drifts away.
It comforts every cry, and fills every crack in her heart
putting her back together piece by piece,
note by note.

Music is a stranger, she saw once in the rain
he gave her his umbrella and she kept it.
The rain beat on his head, but he didn't regret a thing,
saving a girl from that cold, dark place
was worth it.

Music is a dog, who knows when she is sad
and licks her face just to rid her of her tears.
He is smiling and sniffing her raven black hair,
he's trying to let her know that he cares
a lot.

Music is the sun, who shines down on her
and pushes away all of the dark clouds.
She lets her know that darkness is not for forever,
but it is necessary for people to appreciate
the stars.
I just wrote this for my friend literally two seconds ago, so feedback is very much appreciated !!
Katie Elzinga
Written by
Katie Elzinga  New Jesey
(New Jesey)   
     Maxwell, che-rrie-ann, Nicole, ---, Santiago and 4 others
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