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J A M Sep 2014
Today I reach to the moon for its beams to wash upon my spirit, to cleanse my mind and soul.
J A M Sep 2014
A beautiful time, the slightest breeze
We yearn to be more than lost
Your charm so delightful, alluring
Warm to my every thought
The beauty of life's song
Sings so sweet in our minds
On occasion our souls will play
Among the ruins within our hearts
Delighted in everyday life
Intimately peaceful with every breath
J A M Sep 2014
To know the clock of time ticks
To know the seconds robbed
To know life swiftly vanishing
To know all carried away
To know time will not return
To know juncture in your mind
To know life's span draws nearer
To know your heart becomes clearer
J A M Sep 2014
Breathe in the sound
Beautifully rhythmic
Music for my eyes
Gaze upon a joyous energy
Touching your spirit
The passion you hold
Satiates my hollow dwelling
J A M Aug 2014
You will want to come back one day
Like the crashing of a waterfall
Hard yet soft at the same time
With variations in light
Swirling, reflecting off the water

You will want to come back one day
Like a butterfly on a journey
Flying high, steadfast
Silhouetted by sunlight at dusk
Elegantly shinning

You will want to come back one day
Like a trees search for light
Extending it's branches directionally
Frantic to find the missing sun

You came back one day
Patina beautiful, aged gracefully
Like the floors in our home
Beautifully antiqued like our lives
J A M Aug 2014
The wee little troll
He licked my arm
I really don't think
He meant any harm
****** and disgusting
In his piggish ways
He moves very slowly
And begins to play
In his pointy shoes
He runs and frolics
Falls on his face
Wrinkles his nose
Decides to sit down
And begin to show
How he can behave
To receive his treat
Which is a nice rub
To his wee, little, feet
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