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There are so many
Different angles
On the Ogden Temple

I see symbolism
From every other direction
And then some

I would peak in
But the gates closed down
And my bishop's biphobic

I wear a different crown
A poem that came to me
For an instagram post

Check it out ;)
Hola Familia Rojas
Estamos bien agradecidos
Que nos permitimos
Volver a verlos
Hoy vamos a hablar
14 year
TW: ****
Upe upe
Clic clic clic

O O.  .O O
W.     .W


Yo me llamo
Elder Robinson

Y esto es mi compañero
Elder Leíva

:) :)

Somos misioneros
De la Iglesia
De Jesucristo
De los Santos
De los


Estamos aquí para
Hablar sobre la familia
Y como podemos tener
Una familia eterna

Me imagino
Que quieras
Tener su

Tiene algunas
5 a 10 minutos
Para hablar
De Jesucristo?
Once a missionary
Always a missionary
Christina Cox Dec 2015
At two weeks old I was blessed to be healthy, happy, and strong.
Which is actually really sweet.

At eight years old I was baptized fully underwater in a giant tub.
It sounds stranger than it was.

At eight years old I was confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and given the gift of the Holy Ghost.
But why would the counsel of the Holy Ghost be a gift only given to those in this church?
And why is the name so **** long?

At twelve years old I was moved to different classes separated by gender then brought back together an hour later.
The concept and schedule of a three hour church day is quite strange.

At sixteen years old I could have followed the rule my parents and higher-ups had made to not date until sixteen but only in groups.
At fifteen years old I broke the rule and found a boy to call my own.

At eighteen years old I graduated from seminary, even though I lied.
It helps when we graded ourselves.

At eighteen years old I could have followed the rule my parents and higher-ups had made to be allowed to date without being in a group.
But I broke this rule three years prior.

At twenty-one years old I could have chosen to spend two years away from school, family, friends and serve the church through a mission.
A scary thought to me but a great experience to those who are faithful.

At twenty-one years old I told my parents, “I don’t think I believe.”
**And crazily, they still love me.
I was born into the church and have just put a few experiences here. Just like any church, there are people who believe and people who do not. Please don't take this as a strict, "This is what this church is." That would not be fair.
Essa Freedom Jun 2015
Most people don't get it
Why they leave
But I do
And I love them for it
They leave home
Two years male
Eighteen months female
But they leave the life behind
So that others can still be with their family
For eternity
eliza t Jan 2015
D** usting the placid sky,
A ll of God's muted hues
W hisper the morn--
N ever to miss a day
eliza t Jan 2015
death is inevitable;
merely God's way
of letting his
children know
he is there.

Makenzie Marie Dec 2014
I know
that whatever I do
I can do it with you.
you'e by my side
day and night.
In the dark
and through the storms
You'll be might light
and You'll be my warmth.
You give me strength
and reason to breathe.
You are everything that I need.
You have saved me from my sin
You bring hope to me again.
        This month we celebrate your birth
the most joyous day on all the earth.
The world fills with your love
and gratitude for Thee above.
        We thank Thee, Lord
for the sacrifice
of your precious earthly life,
that you may feel
our joy and pain
that we can be with you again.
        Because I know I'm never alone
and that you're with me through the storm
I can endure through the darkest night
because I know that you're by my side.

With Gratiude
and Love for thee,
your humble servant,
In the season of Christmas. Keep Him in it. #sharethegift
Kyle Horstmann Sep 2014
Im peculiar, I know it.
I always look well groomed
My polo buttons are always done
My hair is very conservative and rather plain to look at.
no extremes, no tattoos no piercings.
No coffee in my hand, or cigs in my mouth,
No drug abuse for me
And I'm ***-free.
People call me weak For being the kinda guy I am.
They don't understand, that by doing what im not doing, they're the weak ones!
You know easy it is to say YES your whole life? no inhibitions or rules put up for yourself.
nowhere to go and nowhere to be.
No higher power to keep you accountable.

You know how easy that would be? to deny truth and be "free".
But I am strong. I am strong in my god, For God is bigger than any mountain I'll ever have to climb. I take this truth and march up and down the highschool halls, with Banner WAVING PROUD!
So No to your worldly things and your so called "freedom".
Are you not prisoners of your own devices? and is not Godly love the only freeing thing? its you who ties you down. Your Manacles are crafted with  abominable sin,
A curable disease.

I invite all to repent and come to Christ. It really is the only way to get where we all want to go.
For Christ suffered for all the pains, afflictions, and transgressions that we commit.
He's paid the price for everybody already. Experiment on my words. Prove me wrong! Pray in the name of Christ, with your hearts door open.
Pray with Faith.
You'll feel it, Just like I have.
This world needs stronger people, Join me in the Ranks fellow Christian Soldier
I have seen so much  "Anti- Religion" and Anti-Mormon" talk on this site.
And Thats ok. we are a very peculiar people.
But let me tell you what this 16 year old Mormon Rock star has to say.
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