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Max Neumann May 2020
a golden stage of holy voices
hide us all from  the rain
a pastor, fulfilled by the holy spirit
today we are forgiven, forgiven

a young male in the audience, dancing
god is mighty, god is mighty, god is mighty
a sturdy background singer, grateful
today we are forgiven, forgiven

our god is awesome and he will be
our god is awesome and he will be
walls, decorated with kindness
today we are forgiven, forgiven

love is in the air like lights, lights
love is in the air like lights, lights
a pastor, fulfilled by the holy spirit
today we are forgiven, forgiven
Today is a holy day.

Much Love to:

YouTube: My God Is Awesome Charles Jenkins

May God bless all of you poets, poetesses and readers.
Our God is awesome.

This poem is dedicated to all of you, it's dedicated to Charles Jenkins and his amazing team of background singers, it's dedicated to my family, my wife and to my children.

Heaven yeah!
Moomin Apr 2020
I hear of many gods, different and strange
People do what they say, and they're not sure why
Some are born with their family's god
Some mold their gods in their image
Many gods are demanding and aloof
Some gods require deprivation, others require ******
But my God is not like that
My God is not made in any image
Does not have many arms
Is not part animal, and is not a part of creation
He does not work in mysterious ways
My God is one
My God is neither male nor female, although He asks me to call him Father
My God does not ask me to dress a certain way,
or pray a certain way
or eat a certain food
or pray in a certain place
My God does not cause suffering, and He does not take children to be with Him
My God has a beautiful name, but very few people know it
My God hears me, and responds
He gives me wisdom, comfort, courage and hope
My God wants me to help others, not hurt them
He does not take sides in wars
My God invites all people to get to know him, whatever their religion, colour, age, race or ***
He is not confined by His own laws
Does not expect us to solve the world's problems, but has promised to intervene
My God always tells the truth
He hates suffering, and has promised to put an end to it forever
He promises to reverse all evil, and to bring my dead love ones back to life
My God will not let our earth die, because He made it for us
He is patient, kind and loving, and He wants me to be the same
My God knows the best way to live, and He has shown me how
He wants me to live forever
I think you would like my God, if you got to know him
Max Neumann Jan 2020
...get between me and god.

Today is a good day.

Ylzm May 2019
The Book of Lies
The One and Only
Divinely Uttered
Written in Stone
Inerrant and Irrefutable
Proclaimed and Enforced
Guardians in Flesh and Blood
Unsheathed Swords
Dripping Blood.

The Books of Truth
Man’s Handiwork
Divinely Inspired
Copied and Re-copied
Encrypted with
Error Correction Coding
Trampled and Desecrated
Consuming Fire Descends
To Reveal not Destroy.
Ylzm May 2019
Gun in one hand, bible in the other.
Is not the word a sword?
Why need for a gun too?
Or is it a justification to ****?
The same as a rocket launcher on one shoulder,
and the koran in the other hand.
Or a flag in one hand, and a sword in the other.
The image says justified intimidation.
Fear me, for I have the Authority.
But really, the Authority is only as valid
as there are fools who submit.
And the only true authority is the gun, or sword,
as you certainly know it.
And the flag, or bible, or the koran,
are but for your own conscience.
or cover for your lack thereof.

The bible and the gun:
an oxymoron;
a display of faithlessness,
the defilement of holiness,
a blasphemous act;
affirming the proud fool you are,
that says in its heart, there is no God!
What does your heart know?
          how does your heart feel?
                why do you deny your heart?
                       the call, calling, the feeling that calls you to purpose...

Love your brother(human) as you would love yourself even knowing the times when you know anyone seeing your behavior would hate you for it. Then, only then, can you know the struggle of a man to accept the whims of another. Read Al Jilani.
LD Goodwin Jun 2016
Tommy accepted Jesus
the day he turned twenty-two.
When you're raised neath the cloth,
that's just what you're suppose to do.

Down at the river
they washed away his sins,
gave him a new start on life
so he could begin again.

With a bible and a rifle
he took his "righteous" stand,
gunned down 50 "sinners",
who weren't in his God's plan.

Then he took his own life,
thinkin' heaven's waitin' for him in the blue,
but just because you believe in somethin'
doesn't always make it true.
Ahmad prayed to Allah
5 times every day.
A faithful boy of Islam,
then his heart began to stray.

Isis gave him food and shelter
if he would join the fight,
gave him a shroud to wear
that was black as the night.

With the promise of the virgins
fixed in his brain,
he pressed the cellphone button
and let the terror reign,

somewhere in the Koran
he believed Allah told him what to do,
but just because you believe in somethin',
doesn't always make it true.

We're all raised
in different lands,
with different holy books
in our hands.

Brainwashed to believe,
we never truly think it through,
just because you believe in somethin',
doesn't always make it true.
*Miamisburg, Ohio June 13, 2016*
Joel Hayward Apr 2016
When I let my eyes


I don’t hear my voice
inside but

an angelic Lily Afshar
playing guitar with her eyes


and singing

note perfect

in the Irish flute voice
of that shaven-headed girl
who tore a photo of
some pope

The dancing of meaning
inside somewhere
changes me like …

nothing I can describe

and I can’t say
what I want except
to be prophetwise
and to gain Your smile

So I read and

Torin Nov 2015
If you **** one person,
You **** all of humanity

If you help one person,
You help all of humanity

Its plainly written in the Koran
I guess some people just can't read
Becacause Islam is supposed to be about love, not terror

— The End —