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ZenOfferings Dec 2018
Set your bundle down
Satori in an instant
Pick your bundle up
ZenOfferings Nov 2018
The great orator
With open ears I listen
For the wind speaks not
Tommy Randell May 2018
husband without a lover
child without a mother
brother without a rival
straight line in a spiral

the satiate of hunger
epitome of wonder
a vase of gifted dying
meanings underlying

perhaps some time tomorrow
today is just a demo
meaning has no function
as poetry malfunctions

hill without a summit
poet short of a sonnet
Tommy Randell Apr 2018
I'm looking for the perfect line
A word to define
The thing I want to say to you
The thing to make it all
Come True

I'm trying to say
What it means to be this way
How we get lost in the issues
This stalemate of feelings

I try too hard everytime
Keeping the rhythm and the rhyme
Maybe the maybes become just eye-food
Maybe the poem is then
Just an Etude

It's better just said
Straight off the Tongue, bypass the Head
Maybe then our rhyme could resume
Maybe then what will be, may be
Poetically true
In a loose sense ETUDE is a study of form as a practice of a skill - usually refers to a musical form but hey, it works for me.
Tommy Randell Oct 2017
Does the last word spoken
Have more meaning,

When silence is
The perfect subvening?

A new project - to write and illustrate 99 Koan.
Tommy Randell Oct 2017
Is the Art of words to Be?
Mirrors to themselves only?

Is dried blood still slippery?

A new project - to write and illustrate 99 Koan.
Tommy Randell Oct 2017
Melting like water is a talent
Not a skill to be practised

The Duck in the Desert
Needs acceptance not tactics

A new project - to write and illustrate 99 Koan.
Tommy Randell Oct 2017
The man that dodges bullets
Has a bullet dodging problem

The Man afraid of Love
Has Hope that wears a ******

A new project - to write and illustrate 99 Koan.
Tommy Randell Sep 2017
Everything if downside up was
Would then confused be we!
But wrote if sideback first was
Rhyme still be Poetry?
Ormond Jun 2017
( Haiku )

black God

Huge cumulus clouds,
Exploding into the blue,
  .  .  .  Shadowed by raven

valley morn

Dark hands working fields,
Raven tracing mountain crests,
  .  .  .  Carnal tillers wake

Raven spell

Dark sound raven makes,
Chortles top fir tree, haunting—
  .  .  .  Druids incantation


Snow covers valley—
Solitary raven staining world,
  .  .  .  Love has turned black


Many years alone,
Suddenly— old thoughts of her,
  .  .  .  Lone raven in sky


Lone raven cackles  .  .  .
Clouds splinter across the sky,
  .  .  .  Mist cuts down the woods


Full moon crowns tall pine,
Raven landing in cross hairs,
  .  .  .  Dark angels halo


Raven knows a charm,
A child's costume jewelry,
  .  .  .  Colours a black eye

tall tale

Zenith of winter—
Lone raven in naked tree,
  .  .  .  Spring only legend

dark angel

In his feathered dress  .  .  .
Raven shrouds beneath the clouds,
  .  .  .  Even eyes are black*
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