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J Dec 2018
Kms means **** myself
Except it doesn't
It means this *****
So when I say kms
Just know that I'm suffering
But I don't actually wanna die
Because when I do
I keep it in
And it'll go away
That's an acronym I'd use
It means cut myself
And when I say that
I actually mean it
Like now
Or 2 nights ago
Or 2 weeks ago
Each time a new spot
But a spot no one can see
My hips
My stomach
The skin under my *****
It's a habit I can't break
An addiction I can't go to rehab for
I'm fine
I promise.
J Aug 2018
Sometimes I wonder
Why can't you change
Why are you the way you are
The size
Even what's on the inside
Can't you change
To fit my wants and needs
I should know what's best for me
You gave me a brain
To make that decision
If I hurt you
It's for a reason
And the reason is your fault
For not making me as pretty
As I am on the inside
Or not giving me the weight
That goes with my height
That you also chose for me
A letter
To my body
I hate you.
08/06/18 12:12 AM
J Aug 2018
Grey fills the sky
The sun gets covered
And everything becomes cold and dark
The animals go into hiding
The flowers close up
Everything is preparing for the impact
Lightning strikes
Then thunder sounds
Then it pours
And pours
And pours
Until all the clouds pass
And the sun can show again
The animas come out
And the flowers open up again
J Aug 2018
I’m sorry
That I’m not enough
That nothing will ever be the same
That I even bothered you.

I’m sorry
For the times I messed up
For when I annoyed you
For the actions I read wrong.

Idk if you can forgive me
You won’t even answer me
And I get it
Because I don’t deserve you
Because I’m not good enough
You’re different than I thought you were
At least we still have a streak on snapchat

— The End —