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Arisa Mar 2019
When the smallest thing happens to me, I think:

"take my life away
just do it
i don't wanna be here anymore
like seriously,what the ****
Martin Narrod Nov 2016
An apple in a pinch
Waterfalls called out for toddlers, Father's
Sports fanatic sweater wearers week.
***** by Saturday,
By the phone in Vermont but from India
Inside of six days: Seven, holidays, prey animals;

No one even pretends to sleep anymore
Anywhere words and eye fluttering can be had.
No caves to scribble with history, all purchase
Buying-Power inscribed.

Just a brief day, sixteen hours or less
Maybe two midnights more.
Jack Gladstone Jul 2014
Always thinkin' bout somethin
Always talkin' bout nothin'
Always doin nothin'

quit talkin' bout it

Just keep sing sing sing sing sing sing singin along

don't make no decisions.
counter productive tunnel vision.

we're spinnin wheels, never shiftin gears, diggin ourselves deeper in the rut.
trying to escape the black hole still covered in regional sludge.

but what are ya gonna do?
the last line is a cop out as i found this in an old notebook unfinished and lazily added that... my apologies.
Jack Gladstone Jul 2014
we were just two more methland residents, dreams floating in our heads.
we were hoping to prove the american dream was not quite really dead.

but times sure change and so do dreams.

i guess.

We're not the next Spielbergs
We're not the next Mansons
we're too Fu^&ed; up for that.

but maybe some of our dreams won't die.
you and I can keep some alive.

We're not the next Clintons
We're not the next Tolstoys
we're not skilled enough for that.

I'll carry the 2.5 kids if you will buy the house.
They will paint the picket fence white and we'll hide
quiet as mice but acting like rabbits.

I'm not Ward and you're not June
but this will work out anyway.

we're not the next Cleavers
we're not the next Bradys
We're at least better than that.
Akemi Aug 2013
Blister bites
Beneath the skin
Of conflict wars
In ignorance

The border die
Was fixed at six
To wilful sin

Change and change
Won’t come
Without collapse

Your lips
Your breath
Come without cracks and gasps
Your eyes
Your tears
Come without dust and fear

There’s something
With the land we’re living in
Can’t quite
Place my
Ignorance on it

I once saw a man
Blended into the night
With a tarnished can and a sign
But everyone walked on by

I once saw a child
Work to death in the sun
With a knife and a gun
Against his back

First world?
Third world?
We live in the same world . . .
12:23pm, August 27th 2013

The comforts of first world nations thrive upon third world suffering, but people don't want to know :( they're wilfully ignorant because they'd rather keep doing all those things that make themselves feel good, instead of facing the consequences of their actions.

I still can't believe how selfish people are. It doesn't make me angry at people, but at the source of where this selfish image arose. We were raised back when TVs were still a prevalent part of our lives, and most of our shows were American (as New Zealand follows America more than Britain I feel). No matter the show; reality, drama, sitcoms; they all had this underlying current that you will feel amazing when you're rich. Practically propaganda for the capitalist system. Getting big, getting recognised, getting rich. As opposed to finding happiness . . .

I'm not surprised most people desire money now, or fame. They just recognise it as life, as if our social construct defines us. That's probably why so many people try to stay 'normal' as they grow up, and frown upon anything out of place.

I really do hope things change in the next few decades. With the advancement of the internet, kids these days are brilliantly perceptive. Hell, I taught twelve year olds who knew how terrible McDonald's was, etc. I even had a 30 minute discussion about our social system with one of them. I think he knew more than me :S
Akemi Jun 2013
Dream your peace
Whilst the world rages
Go lie in your steel-walled sleep
Let the crueller men deceive
Let better men bleed

A sleeping mind for sleeping times

What’s another casualty?
Doesn’t affect me
So you let deflections become reflexes

Happenstance you came to live
In first world palms, with first world eyes
Never looking back at second place
Least of all the third in line

Whatever gets you to sleep at night

With such birth rights,
With such languor
I will rule the world in my own mind
With such circumstantial, beneficial, superiority
I will turn a blind eye

To everybody’s suffering but mine
11:18pm, April 26th 2013

So many selfish people, so little time . . .

— The End —