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Emilia B Aug 2022
Frostbitten fingertips,
Buttoning up my coat,
Echoing footsteps through the hollow bus station.
Grey clouds spitting rain,
Distant fog.
Hearing sniffles from people walking by.
Subtle coughs
Overgrown alleyways
Gloomy Sundays.
Emilia B Aug 2022
You felt like home
But home to me
Was staying up all night

You felt like home because you hurt me.
You sometimes made me feel safe,
Loved, cared for.
But I knew,
It always comes with a price.
Emilia B Aug 2022
I still loved you,
But stopped hoping.

Raindrops racing down the windows,
Igniting candles,
Wax dripping onto the sill.
Light growing dim.

Blueberry picking
Fresh smell of pine.
Purple fingers,
I saw you.
But you did not see me.
You never saw me.
Emilia B Aug 2022
How long did I love you out of habit
I am the knife and the wound,
As I am the fire and the fuel.

Sunflowers weltering,
Not throwing them away,
Savouring petals
resembling breaking relationships,
But not letting go.
Emilia B Jan 2022
It’s the piece of loose skin on the edge of your thumb

The eyelash that gets stuck in your eye

The rock in your shoe

The sock sliding down your sole

The runny nose that won’t stop running

The first sip of tea that burns your tongue

The hair in your mouth you can’t locate

The piece of apple that won’t come out from the gap between your teeth
Emilia B Jul 2020
Rusty pipes
Humid nights
Smell of acid rain

Street lights
Laddered tights
Heart hanging off a stalactite

Emilia B Jul 2020
No adults to be seen
Toilets perfect
Balloon boy seemed keen
Gentleman moustache
Lost little mouse
You have cake on you darling
Kissing my sweet mouth.
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