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You can be strong
But still be in pain
Whether it’s over him or her
You’ll love again
You can be tough
But still cry
Don’t hold it in
Don’t live a lie
You can feel like you’re going to die
But still laugh with your friends
But You don’t have to pretend
Emilia B Oct 11
Love is such a perfect feeling
though it’s brought me to tears
Tore open my heart
   Letting loose to all my fears.

Put me in pain
  But it’s a change from feeling nothing
  Crying, hiding it. By standing in the rain.
Emilia B Oct 6
I say i don't want you in my life
but you keep me up all night
and i know why
but i rather die than feel that way inside.
all that feeling has done is consume my heart and mind. Tearing open the void inside.
Emilia B Oct 6
Don’t tell me you love me
I’m stuck in between
Cause i don't feel a thing.
Emilia B Sep 9
I hid my feelings so deep
That I can’t find them anymore

My heart is straining with every beat
It feels so sore

I’m giving with all I have left to lose

   I can’t do this anymore.
Emilia B Sep 9
Pathetic romantic
That is me
I want something out of reach
All I’m getting is short & sweet
But it always ends sour.

It’s ******* boring.
Emilia B Sep 8
If you can’t handle a heart like mine
Don’t waste my time.

I’m suffering
can’t you see
So don’t waste your time with me.
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