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Anwesha Apr 13
In the depths of your complexity I delve,
Exploring the mysteries you tightly shelve,
With every hour, every day, unwavering,
My passion burns, my resolve steadfast, unswerving.

Five years, a journey of dedication,
To unravel the mysteries of your manifestation,
In laboratories and in minds ablaze,
I seek the keys to unlock your maze.

Through trials and errors, setbacks and strides,
I persevere, with knowledge as my guide,
Each discovery, a beacon of hope,
In the quest to outsmart your deadly scope.

With every cell, every molecule I analyze,
I envision a world where your threat dies,
Where healing triumphs over despair,
And lives are spared from your cruel snare.

So here I stand, a mere researcher in your field,
With determination as my sword and shield,
For in the pursuit of a cure, I find my purpose,
To vanquish you, and grant humanity solace.
As a dedicated Ph.D. scholar in the field of cancer biology, I have spent the last five years passionately pursuing cancer research. My journey has been marked by tireless research, countless experiments, and unwavering determination. This poem reflects the depth of my commitment to combat cancer and the emotional highs and lows of my quest. Through this work, I hope to convey my experiences and the profound impact this journey has had on my life.
Anwesha Jan 2022
Have I ever told you
I always miss you like crazy
Even if I am seeing you everyday

Have I ever told you
My stubborn eyes always demand
Sight of your countenance so clear and loud

Have I ever told you
I want to hold you tight
Until my loneliness says me bye

Have I ever told you
Holding your hand
I can walk till the last mile

Have I ever told you
I'm falling more and more for you
On a day to day basis

Have I ever told you
The predestined journey of ours
from best friends to soulmates is sheer bliss.
Anwesha Jun 2020
A rare farrago of strictness and softness together shadowing my life with enamoured blessings,
whose life revolves around me, a principled soul; my father.

The source of unconditional love, who reinforces the importance of my well-being over anything else and teaches how to be a better person; an angel masquereding as my mother.

Like an angel always glows, love and affection flows with tinges of cuteness,
and the pair of innocent eyes dazzles with my happiness; that is my grandmother.

Being the street light along the road you always show me the right path and make it worth walking.
My Family: My Biggest Strength.
My little family comprises of my father, my mother, my grandmother and of course myself. Being the single child of my family, I get all their love, affection and attention. They are like my protective sheild. I hope, I will make them proud of me someday.
Anwesha Apr 2019
I remember the exact day when I knew
That i am going to work with you.
Being honest,  I was not that much excited,
But now I regret the way I reacted.
Couldn't realise the moment when everything did begin,
I started liking u strongly as though any magnet was drawing me in.
In very short span of time you have been turned into my priority.
You used to make my morning beautiful,
when u appeared with full clarity.
Now my days are ending with the thoughts of meeting u the very next day.
Have never ever thought I would also pamper someone this way.
I love the smile i wear,  when we meet anyway,
But absence of yours literally turns off my day.
I don't even know whether you like me Or not,
Bt u have already occupied a special place in my heart.
You have been so supportive and encouraging,
You made me realise that i m also capable of doing everything.
I know our journey together is going to end soon,
Must say your company was so nice and fun.
Though our departure was Predestined,
But I promise,  you will always be missed.
Hi...I am doing my masters in zoology. My project is on a bacterial culture and the strain is Bacillus subtilis. When this project is assigned to me i was disappointed as i always wanted to research on fishes.But when i started my work, i slowly fell for my strain. I developed a strong attachment with those bacteria. And now, when my project is on the edge of its conclusion,i am already missing my bacteria.So here i dedicate this poem to my dear Bacillus subtilis.
Anwesha Aug 2018
You made my family away from my home
You derived those creepy words from my name
You exactly know the reason why i get upset
You can discover my tears before its onset
You are my human diary,who listens all my secrets
My silly talks,weird habit and mistakes that i regret
You are the one with whom my angry rush bursts
Still you always find the bestest in my worsts
I am all alone without you even in the crowd
Having you in my life i feel blessed and proud.
Anwesha Aug 2018
Smile on his face makes my day
A single 'Hi' from him,is my only appeal
Still he is unaware of what I feel.

An accidental eye contact even ceases my heartbeats
A short conversation even makes me fly high
Still he does not realize I love him to the sky.

He never notices i always stare at him
These silly things make no sense to him
Still i can not help but think of him.

He is in love with someone else
I know he is not going to love me back
Still i let my heart him to hack.

We do not look good together
I am not even a perfect match for him
Still i am in deeply love with him.

He may never feel the same for me
I may never confess my love before him
Still he will always be mine in my dream.

How much i love him
I can not ever show
And he will never know.

— The End —