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I find you in the smallest breath,
in the quiet books,
the thundering rain,
the light sound of wind chimes.
Your eyes are so out of reach,
and your lips have never pressed against my skin.
But still I see you,
still I have you.
and I can't let go, even if I tried
"love me"
it came as the smallest of whispers.
a swell in tempo, a rise in rhythm.
the words swirl around me like a thousand orbiting galaxies,
Dipped in a golden light that had followed me from the heavens,
They wrap around you, hug your sides, caress your soft lips.
These words are yours, but over time, they faded,
and they've become mine.
When I was little,
I donned my "Angel Eyes."
They helped me see right and wrong,
And helped me love the unlovable.

Years later,
I use them to love myself.
I can see right and wrong,
And I know how to find beauty in every broken person I see,
Because I know they're just like me.
I don't even know who I am anymore. Or maybe I do and I just don't know how to be her anymore...

I gave you more of me than I had to give.
But I'd do it again if you asked nicely
I will never get tired of loving you.
Even if you are no longer mine.
"forgive me"
she wrote
in midnight ink
flowers in her hair
stars dripping down her cheeks
she wanted to say
"i love you"
she wanted to say
"i can fix this"
she wanted to say
and she wrote it
every word
on the page
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