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If you were mine
I'd tell you how i feel
But we're separated by miles
miles of love
miles of brain blocks
This night i thought of you
As the warm sunlight drifted into a humid midnight
I remembered us
I layed on top of my poofy comforter,
all that covered me was the pleasant air
softer than its been all year...
The tiny fan I used to listen to, playing again
Covering me, back and forth with ripples of wind
I sat there and thought of white beaches and beds outside
The fan blowing over the two of us, snuggling closer this time
We were only five, but even then i knew
I wanted to make you mine.
Fall through the door,
I'm always too late,
Scared of my luck,
Calling for more,
I'm always in the sunshine.
I hope you'll forgive me,
I'll always forget,
but please don't leave me.
Snow, drifting in and out of my mind.
Sun, shining through the cracks in my chest.
Rain, pouring out of my overflowed eyes.
Music soothing, writhing in my soul.
The world has shifted.
Ever so slightly.
Can you tell?
Have you noticed?
Well that's okay, cause I did.
Kindred spirit of mine,
An Aesthete of nature,
Tenaciously stubborn,
Eunioic minded.
For my friend...
When I get up in the morning,
I’ll see you.
All we ever do is pull apart.
But I’d love to see this through,
Cause Darling you’re more special than you know.
More bright than you’ll ever conceive,
Kinder than  soft words,
Softer than my mother’s silk pillows.

I miss you.
I'm here to stay.
Howling, your demons fight and scratch and scream.
I know Honey.
We're still best friends.
Hush your whimpers, I know they whisper in your ear.
Sometimes I can hear them too.
You're a queen and a broken one at that.
But I'm here now, to hold and keep you as best I can.
You can fight back.
I'll still be here. as hard as you push away. I'm still here.
Fast asleep
Dark, alone in the deep
Rise again
oh, how beautiful it was then.
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