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Isabella Mar 2020
It's rather scary,

New faces that you've never seen.
No traces of the memories.

A blank canvas.

Friends to make.
Hearts to break.

Rather, my heart, I should say...

It's rather scary.
Wrote this on the first day of high school.....
Bhill Aug 2019
I see hidden things
I'm looking into my soul
What should I see there

It is intimidating
It is impressive to view

To actually see
You're own true identity
You're very own self

Is it worth the look to see
To see who you really are

To feel your own soul
Open and vulnerable
Opened for viewing

Take the time to see inward...

Brian Hill - 2019 # 209
Can you do it?
Can you look inward to see?
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Your tone was like a blade,
that skimmed her skin.
Your words had cut deep,
stabbed her heart;
scarred her soul
and embedded itself into her memory,
playing like a loop in her head.
For your words are now ghosts that hunt her
in the darkest of times,
making her sweat smell like terror.
Apporva Arya Nov 2018
I felled
and heard claps.
I cried
and heard laughs.
Was I SUBJECT to them ?
Or VICTIM to life...

Asked for directions,
Being sent to maze.
Felt loneliness of crowd,
While chasing my CROWN.
Was I Intimidating?
Or talking is all what they got !!..

Still rise above of all,
By listening to the songs of my soul.
All the noise dies down.
When they lead me HOME.....
I am proud of it. No more irony. For i was always myself. No matter what your reason to blame me, I know what i am, I know what i want , I am never gonna change. I do what i do. So mind your own business.. (inspired by BTS IDOL)
Lady Grey Feb 2018
A brief flash
Of brown
And blue
I saw her
She saw me too

I didn't mean to look
To stare?

But in that moment
We were both
In err
Looking into someones eyes is both invading and being invaded. A private moment that is very... intimidating?
DancingEnt Feb 2018
I get embarrassed when you read my poems
And you know they're about you.
I get shy and nervous and scared you'll run away.
I don't have the words to say
How much I love you
But I try when I write to you
Things I think you'll never read
And then you see them and my head spins.

Is it too much? Can you love someone too much?
Is my love intimidating? Probably.
There's a lot of it to give.
But if it's intimidating to you then maybe
You don't deserve it.

Are you overwhelmed by your love for me, too?
Never have I loved someone with my whole heart before you.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
Olivia McCann Aug 2014
She resonates intimidation,
Air of confidence
Strewn within
Loose, effortless hair.
A smile warm
And attractive
Despite imperfect teeth.
Wings; black and inked
Make her eyes fly.

She's alive with voice,
Drawn images
Making their ways on to skin.
Alive with enthusiasm
For all things smoked.
And it's impossible
Not to light her cigarettes-
Which you give to her-
Without some sensation
Of love.
As you watch,
Her lips clasp the filter:
Pulling in fire to light
Her buzz.

You want to be a part
Of the same songs she sings.
You want her in your life
As a constant.
Almost like I know I used to be,
Except your craving for her
Doesn't diminish
After large doses of time.

I'm a novelty,
Sizzling out.

She's a drug,
An addiction
Just beginning.
And we both know
How you are
About those.
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