Lady Grey Feb 28
Just push through it
Push through it it
It’ll be over soon

Can’t wait for the end
I’m gonna be done soon
Push through


Go back
I’m not ready
I don’t have time

Enough time

I can’t
So mucvh to do

Why does time

Do this

Slip awa y

Evaede me

I can t







Getting through the week with a shit ton of deadlines is rough
  Feb 22 Lady Grey
George Anthony
you are chaotic, and beautifully broken
standing stoic and silent
but the earth thrums with your screams

there is no romance to be found in pain
fret not about idealism and misconception;
i know how you suffer

but there's so much love in you,
you could make the soulless feel again
too much passion for you to know what to do with

never shown enough compassion to understand
that your mind, ill as it may be, is gorgeous
you are not awful, but awe-inspiring

hard work wears you down
but your hands are still so soft;
they were meant to be held, and kissed

you were born to be adored
and feared and wanted, to confuse with your complexity
so that only the best of people will stand with you

side by side with you, with open eyes
and open arms and open hearts
there is war in your chest and these friends will bring you peace

the world has, since birth, shown you destruction
volleyed hatred and scorn in your direction
but here is its reconciliation:

these people that love you are soldiers
ready to help you win the wars that explode in the spaces between your ribs
they will help you breathe, and smile, and sleep
  Feb 21 Lady Grey
It’s been over a week
Since you left
And when my friends ask
How I’ve been
I say
Like a splinter
Leaving my hand.

Though it’s gone
The soreness lingers on.
Amidst the smoke and light and laughter
Along the smiles and cheers thereafter

A sound is bled, wrung free from strings
It bounds and treads and wholly sings
Inside each song, a secret’s moved
Not right nor wrong or frequent proved
The message dances from bow to ear;
A coded trance of love and fear
From left to right the story rings
Of Death and light the Cello brings
The covert tale engulfs the room
It vibrates truth to those who loom
The Cello knows for why it’s played
Its secret lost, both gone and stayed

In the smoke and light and laughter
Music lies and cries thereafter
  Feb 21 Lady Grey
Temporal Fugue
Want things totally screwed?
throw in government
and a contractor
Entropy: The tendency of a system that is left to itself to descend into chaos.

Trust me, I know :\
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