ugh i do not have the time for this
the will for this
the decency for this
not now
im too tired
of all this bullshit
this sadness
the never-ending existential crisis
dont text me now
i wont answer
i dont want another spiral
into the darkness
maybe i shouldnt call it
“the darkness”
thats cliche and stupid
lets call it
“the creepy basement youve always been secretly afraid of thats inside your head”
or maybe
“the space under your bed that you just cant block or cover up no matter what you do”
thats much better
way more descriptive than
“the darkness”
but i dont want any more of that tonight
so dont be mad when i dont answer

i just
cant do it tonight
The dreams of the elite
The consequences of the realities they seek
Bourgeois lifestyle
High and mighty
Sat on high horses
Looking tidy
Trotting along
While we trudge in the mud
Echoes of their laughter
Chasing us through the sorrow-struck halls

Tough is the life
Of the extremely and utterly poor
Our own fates are with whom we wage this war
Fast cars...
Shooting stars...
Wishing on wonders to discover who we truly are

To dream is to ask for trouble
Paradise is a mirage
Life is a struggle
We call to the gods
Only to discover
That the complacency of the rich
Is consistent in the immortals.

Conditioned to climb
Taught to soar
Have more
Take more
Keep more
The rich are taught to accrue
The poor are taught to endure

We are the plenty
Governed by the few
Regardless of how evolved the race
The way of the world has remained the same...

Glory is always bestowed
To the top of the food chain
Whimsy clouds, dark with rain
Swirling, whirling,
Filled with the pinks and blues and shades of sunset,
Do threaten the eager earth below

To spill its contents in a furious roar
To empty itself with passion
To drench the dry bones
Of many weeks

With that passion comes the lightning
The static of too much friction for far too long
That dances and crackles through the air
Filling the quiet before the storm;


The clouds are dark,
The dripping sunset no longer visible through the staccato sky
Though the yellow warning arises,
Casting the world in eerie shadow
Watching a thunderstorm on a hill is beautiful, awe-inspiring, and incredibly stupid
  May 3 Lady Grey
Chris Neilson
There's a science in making tea
with milk or without
loose leaf or bags
a multitude of herbal types
so don't believe the hype
of coffee snobs bits and bobs
of elitism and choice of beans
pretentious names ending in 'o'
exotic, erotic when said slow

English tea tells it like it is
Tetley, Yorkshire, PG Tips
Ireland has its Barry's Tea
everyone knows a Barry
the bloke down the pub
sitting on his stool at the bar
like Norm and Cliff at Cheers
sinking cold beers
while shooting the breeze
while Frasier sips his
double non-fat decaff latte
on a beanbag in the corner
of the Cafe Nervosa
where no one knows your name
or from where you came

Coffee breath stinks
reminds me of teachers
at school with nicotine nails
so if you ask me
it's time for tea
with a choccy biccie
when a chinwag beckons
with a fellow tea enthusiast
you can trust a tea drinker
they have patience and taste
always sipping without haste

Delicate bone china cups
enhance the tea experience
big daft mugs filled with
evil smelling frappamaclattitianno
or some such name
from a coffee chain
leaves stains on the soul
of the tea fanatic
if you ask me
it's time for tea
Tea rules!
  Apr 27 Lady Grey
Temporal Fugue
Well shoot the dog
and bark at me
I threw away recycling

I'm in my car
down the road
not doing any bicycling

My car's not electric
my clothes dyed and stylized
made of combed bleached cotton

I throw away a lot of food
its not gone bad or expired
and no, it isn't rotten

I'll live as I want
no one can tell me different
knowing the best for every instance

Doing perfect symbolism
forgetting any/and
all substance
It would appear that the future is somebody else's problem :\
Living in a world where "how it appears" is far more important than any "actual substance".
  Apr 24 Lady Grey
Angel Turner
I couldn't care less about
"Inspirational Quotes"
I don't need to be told that
the present is a gift
or what the best thing about
rock bottom is
or that only I can stop forest fires.

If I was to write one myself,
it would have less to do with
landing in the stars,
and more to do with
how much better you could see them
if you had the eyes of an octopus.

Octopi have such phenomenal eyes.
The spectrum of color they see
makes our own look like
the crappy box of crayons
you get at a kids restaurant.
Whereas an octopuses,
would be the beautiful,
64 Crayola pack
I always wanted as a kid.

If I ever went blind,
I think I'd get octopus eye replacements.
And yeah,
I'd probably look weird because
they'd be too big for my head
but can you imagine how
strange and incredible
it would be?
And it wouldn't matter how I look because
how I see things
is more important to me
than how I'm seen.

If there was even the
slightest chance,
of seeing though the
eyes of an octopus,
that's reason enough to be alive.

And if I could take your life
or your perspective,
and change it even a bit,
that's reason enough too.

So look through the
eyes of an octopus.

Can you imagine the stars?
This is one of my very favorite poems that I've ever written.
Can you imagine the stars?
  Apr 19 Lady Grey
Your Earthly
Myths and fears
Fall hard on
Traveler's ears
(Yes there's many of us)
You bound yourselves
To earth
Where your
Superstition has giving birth
But if you truly seek
The real deal
Fear not to breach
A greater free will
Come with us
To another dimension
Where being of light
Need no inventions
Be a master, not a slave
We were never created
To be trapped in a maze!

I long to go
Where creativity flows
No fear of the unknown
Or of some maze that is shown
By light, warm and unburning
Star littered night skies
hair blowing in the wind
Bright eyes shining with a glint
Unbound by time or place
Before the lost of innocence, faced
I'll give my hand, in trust
to another dimension, or bust...

"Temporal Fugue"
Through the mirror
Traveling the unknown maze
Gazing on, site's unseen
And setting them, ablaze
Through the universe
Pausing to explore
Perusing the next, traverse
And wanting, so much more
Masters of discovery
Trust, holding out her hand
Knowing forever and a day
Just a woman, just a man.

(Was that a yes or no?)
Traveler Tim
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