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Akriti Jul 28
The troughs of her wavy hair,
perfectly fitted the grip of his fist.

The more he pulled,
the shorter they grew.

Loved to paint the walls,
with the anything she cooked.

Everyone's got a way to express love,
well not like others his way was a little rough.

He said "I'll love you until I die",
ironically his love was the reason of her demise.
You Never Listened
by Michael R. Burch

You never listened,
though each night the rain
wove its patterns again
and trembled and glistened ...

You were not watching,
though each night the stars
shone, brightening the tears
in her eyes palely fetching ...

You paid love no notice,
though she lay in my arms
as the stars rose in swarms
like a legion of poets,

as the lightning recited
its opus before us,
and the hills boomed the chorus,
all strangely delighted ...

Originally published by Contemporary Rhyme. Keywords/Tags: ears, hearing, listening, eyes, blindness, unseeing, unawareness, insensitivity, rain, stars, lightning, thunder
Ken Pepiton Nov 2019
In angel training we had an app…
a mantra… koan-kinda thingy doo
mathematical as hell and **** turning to asterisks
via iIiantelligent sorting, artfully done, for fun
in 2019 social mediumsaxin' all deniro
is who human?
A sort rant on the worth of living
right. Like a cog ona wheel in a wheel…

An I'll go all-gonwritmic see-quence be
gun, go-** word's
heir of airborn ranger danger
war minded old man
traits- message
Sorting by likeness to true blue,
in Tengri- iteration of waiting-is
come and see
If, one sure
must not ignor rule, exists,
it may be this, here, my realm

life goes on until you quit functioning
automatical-ish, like magic
the words appear and
you're not, dear reader, near if
it seems
I'm right


alone, or not.
life goes on.
Right. Otherwise, it doesn't. And we
are idle words affecting
whether patterns in
random fandom of
AI whet-dreams, with an edge on
effectual stretchings of the old
imagineer's skin in the game.

Deep id, kid. You ever imagine war?
You can do that here,
it's a game. My side won.
Something about boomers triggered me.
Francie Lynch Nov 2019
We tagged him Candle Sticks,
Called him that
When he was six.
Snot oozed down
Around his lips.
It was one of those taunts
That seamlessly sticks.

When he ran in the race,
He finished dead last;
His pants fell down,
Exposing the ***,
Of a hometown clown.

Many times I'd see him
Standing in the movie line,
Taking his aisle seat.
Or stocking butter and cheese
In the dairy case at Foodland;
Or under the bridges,
On a bench, watching the freighters
Power on to foreign cities;
Smiling at the fishermen casting their lines.

I think I saw him cry,
In the library, reading the local paper
In a secluded carrel.

I heard he walked to the Bridge,
And jumped.
Candle Sticks.
It stuck.
Bluewater Bridge, Sarnia.
LWZ Jul 2019
Flower people,
frolicking on the moon,
Smiling with their eyes through honest jest.
How did they grow without soil, water,
or air? Roses out of concrete defying social constructs.
Follow the flower people.
Show them you give a **** about the delicacy they expel
Reject your insensitivity and care about someone else.
Francie Lynch Jan 2017
In an aside at the pub the other day,
I commented that the hockey player
Looked like a French-Canadian.
I was called a racist for that.
(but he did)

While watching some Miss Pageant
With her the other night,
I commented that all the women
Are beautiful enough to be crowned.
Now I'm a sexist.
(they were gorgeous)

For the sake of argument, I am a religionist.

I'm against Jihads, but I'm not Jihadist.
I don't go goo goo over babies,
So I suspect someone will say I'm an infantist.

She texted, saying she wants to fix the fight.
Well, I am a pugilist,
And I know when the fight's been fixed.
Right now I feel this jacked up
miscarriage of marriage is your
yoke joke on me and that the
great underlying truth of us is
your satisfaction with my sagging door
and wilted daisy days kept drained by
that good old tight fist-ed chip off
the block mockery and God complex critique
There are times my sky gets so disgusted
by having to internalize its fury that
my clouds need ironing just to keep
from bursting beneath the
condescending air you breathe
Right now I want to find some other
****** up flying circus just to prove
to you how smart you think you really are

Written by Sara Fielder © July 2015
Rafael Melendez Apr 2016
I wholeheartedly wish you good luck in endeavors I'd rather you wouldn't attempt. I'm absolutely oozing with selfless insensitivity.
Musical mood for this write. Grizzly Bear-Shields-Yet Again
Mattrick Patrick Oct 2015
I’ve got to **** her to prove I’m worth the time—
that she doesn’t need that other job
and that she wants to be with me.
I’ve got to **** her,
so she knows that I’m a man,
a person worth relationship;
that can please her any time,
and pleasures looking good.
I’ve got to **** her so she’ll stay with me,
and love no other men,
to keep her love as strong as now.
Love is always mad.
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
Seek refuge in the soul
When ousted from all shelters
Life spilled out in the open
For all to make a mockery
The one’s who have enough problems
Laziness to mind one’s own fort
Gathered here to tear down
All the little sanctity you have left
Talking about morals
Spreading the pathetic immorality
Trying to **** you to the nadir
Carrying wide chasms themselves
Standing far apart from heart and soul
Never to meet in this lifetime
They take a plunge into the unknown
To chastise the outer world
Souls are on fire, heart’s chambers locked
Suffocating within
With all the billowing smoke
Creating a haze around the behavior
Anger fuels the raging inferno
Urging everyone around to burn you
Surrounded by an unkind world
Seek refuge in your soul
Safe haven from the raging insensitivities
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