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Feb 2015
Seek refuge in the soul
When ousted from all shelters
Life spilled out in the open
For all to make a mockery
The one’s who have enough problems
Laziness to mind one’s own fort
Gathered here to tear down
All the little sanctity you have left
Talking about morals
Spreading the pathetic immorality
Trying to **** you to the nadir
Carrying wide chasms themselves
Standing far apart from heart and soul
Never to meet in this lifetime
They take a plunge into the unknown
To chastise the outer world
Souls are on fire, heart’s chambers locked
Suffocating within
With all the billowing smoke
Creating a haze around the behavior
Anger fuels the raging inferno
Urging everyone around to burn you
Surrounded by an unkind world
Seek refuge in your soul
Safe haven from the raging insensitivities
Amitav Radiance
Written by
Amitav Radiance
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