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Once out there
A star stare by the aliens
Looks up from far
Sees a light the Earth of ours
Green the Martians
Fly the lights
UFOs the distance
Stars and lights
He knows!!! he knows!!!
What's out there the stars-aliens
This Martian of stars
He is of far...moons to from
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
Here a star there a moon
The universe of out there
Martians over there an alien
Light years to the galaxy

Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
Martians of stars too
Earthlings far the planet
Moons and stars the ufos sparkle
Worlds of outerspace where aliens

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Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
Joyce Joadiyce Aug 2019
I'm a little alien up from where
I came to Earth to look there
In my ufo you see the Earthling
To moons your of in galaxy like Martian!!!

Copyright 2019 Joyce Joadiyce
LWZ Jul 2019
Flower people,
frolicking on the moon,
Smiling with their eyes through honest jest.
How did they grow without soil, water,
or air? Roses out of concrete defying social constructs.
Follow the flower people.
Show them you give a **** about the delicacy they expel
Reject your insensitivity and care about someone else.
Joyce Joadiyce Dec 2018
I want to be an alien
I want to go beyond
See, the stars, universe like a Martians!

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce

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Joyce Joadiyce Dec 2018
Moons of outerspace
Of like our galaxy
Out there there
A Martian stares

You may share my poems

Copyright 2018 Joyce Joadiyce
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