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Karen M Jun 2019
Xylographed initials made by lovers over
Yonder in the suburb parks where the human
Zoo keeps them under watchful eyes.
The last 3 lines of an A to Z poem I'm working on.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Aching, and angry and almost alive

Beaten, and battered and broken of bone

Callous, and cruel, and cruising off course

Deceived, and ******, and dealing with demons

Erected, and exploded, and eaten by erosion

Fractured, and fused, and falling to fast

Gaps, and gorgeous and glistening red gouges

Hellish, and harmful, and hurting my heart

Idiots, and idols, and invisible but insane

Justice and jolted and jade into jumping

Knights, and Kings, and killing of kinsman

Longing, and loathing, and living in lust

Media, and manipulation, and mind that's maddening

Nature, and night, and native in nothing

Opened, and ordered, obviously an orphan

Pungent, and putrid, and praying for perseverance

Quartered, and queued, and quietly is questioned

Rolling, and ready, and recently been released

Soulful, and sorry, and story of sorrow

Terrorist, and target, and
terrifying in truth

Unique, and united and using the universe

******, and victims, and validating the vice

Windows, and watching, weathering the winter

Xmas, and x-box, and
Xavier of X-Men

Yesterdays, and years, and yearning for youth

Zealous, and zones,
And zip of zero
Martin Narrod Jul 2015
Fiery free moments
Are coming for me
They took us to London
Then New York City

As clear as the gel pens
You had while you lived in the sticks
Along with Slip'n'Slide
All the boys you played with
Always paid for your tricks

When the bizarre ill-willing troche
Trap men in their snares, and everywhere
it seems everyone's begin to stare.
Into my eyes (As a tug boat and its bride)
My dad's corduroy ties (In the closet upstairs in the basement)
You wouldn't dare, would you? You wouldn't dare

I embraced the tide that took away our guts
                                                              our stuff
                                            when        enoughs enough
                                                              enoughs enough

So carry around your game in handwritten pamphlets
While you delve into the reasons you didn't want them laminated
When I spoke to Commander Owens ("Let's say the town didn't go wild")
But rather you and I I
Left too long perhaps another time

Remember, Remember
Recital time's at noon
The pianists' laminate cut off the last bar and he's starting in 2(2)
The priest asked Justin if he'd come in earlier too
Venomously he cast aside the bride and groom
So we played Slip'n'Slide for the wedding party in our living room

Dancers start on the left then double-back with the left inside
Turn their bodies, dip their hips, restart and double-back to the right
But before the wedding party, she proposed to him with his favorite song
In the San Francisco Airport arrivals, when he turned the stereo on
Parked at curbside pickup laid down and started Slip and Sliding.
Copyright The Redwalls(TM) 2015
Written by Martin Narrod and Justin Baren

— The End —