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Sean Clarke Apr 6
Under the ruins of a city,
Is a tear not seen yet shed.
Under the bowed head slowed by pity,
Is a screaming heart that was never wed;

To love and locks despair.
Lugubrious laughter, Suffocated in pillows.
Never to be seen or heard again.
A joke you won’t understand,
Is the Splayed fingers of a dead man;

Tired souls
Pay the toll
To the underworld
Where tears are not seen but shed.
Where love and hope are made a jest.
Where’s city ruins are laid to rest.
It’s crazy that through this carona thing everyone is still acting indifferent to others suffering
Maja Mar 15
Hate me all you want
I’m okay with that

what breaks me is when you lie
and do it with your voice completely flat.

Show me some emotion,
show me that I’m worth it

Don’t just turn your back
and say "I think that we should quit."
indifference hurts as much as emotion
Tim Mar 4
My heart is vibrant
My brain is despondent
Both should just relent
I need a compromise
I need to realize
This is surreal to me
And she just can’t see
My heart is vibrant
My brain...
Doubts plague my thoughts
Doubts of a something my past self sought
Now it is something wrought
It’s my mistake
But maybe she can’t handle the heartbreak!
My heart is not so vibrant
My brain, the same
I am to blame
For this short bout
I feel the shame
For I am a lout!
Forgive me now,
I don’t love you
But I can’t explain how
Hopefully I can
Nolan Willett Feb 29
Love and Hate
Are not opposites
We hate what we love
And love what we hate
And I have never hated
That which I’ve never loved
And I’ve never loved
What I have not hated
Hate and Love’s
True antonym
Lizzie Feb 4
My bravery is spent,
My courage is gone,
My confidence is rent,
'Cause everything went wrong.

How can I beleive
And how can I dream
When there's Nothing left for me?

The only Happiness I have,
The only hope that I'll find,
Is accepting what is gone,
And leaving Hope behind.

Sometimes there's a hard line
Between Realism and Despair,
But other times that line seems to disappear.
Jonathan Moya Jan 10
Remember the sky even though
it won’t remember you.

Know the constellations tales
even as they know not yours.

Remember the moon’s pull
despite its denying your shadow.

Remember the sun, the dawn even
as its novas your sight,
singes your memories
in forgetfulness, grief and time.

Remember the sunset,
that yields to night
that hardly embraces you.

Remember not your birth,
the maternal pains,
the gasps to your first breath,
the silent cursing of your first form.

Remember not your life’s mistakes,
your mother’s and hers.

Disperse them in the wind,
awaiting angels to hurl
them into the sun.

Remember not
your father’s indifference,
the times he chose
not to be a part of your life.

Remember the earth in all its colors
even as  it entombs everything.
that skins it.

Remember every plant, animal eaten;
the fallen tree that is your house frame
and every book you have read-

for their death and your life
is the child of every poem written
and consumed in the soul.

Remember the howl of the wind
in its indifference,
the universe’s deafness
that seems not to listen
or know you.

Remember that language,
your scream is the retort
to the universe’s grudge.

Shout “I remember”
even as it whispers
“I remember you not.”
I am so sick of pretending to care.
I’m so sick of taking this ****.
we seem to wish that someone would care,
but I’ll drop you for changing your hair.

I have grown sick of all politics.
Differing opinions, your all hypocrites.
I'm simply sick of cynical ******.
The way they love to polish their *****.

I hear what you say, “look in the mirror”,
That’s why I tend to chug my beer.
We all live in fear of all of our fears,
Brought on by distrust of all of our peers.

We laugh, we sneer,
We point, we cheer.
Then freak out to find that fingers point near.

I am so sick of living fear.
I am so sick if chugging my beer.
We seem to crave the fear we fear,
but hide in our safe space till everything’s clear.

I have grown sick of pretending to smile
Profit for virtue, is it all worth our while?
I’m simply sick of modern day style.
The way we stand in single file.

I hear what you say, “look in the mirror.”
It’s my reflection that I tend to fear.
I cannot face the way that I sneer.
I cannot face the way that I cheer.

I laugh, I sigh
I point, I cry
Then freak out to find pointing at me.
LH Jan 3
And then here it came
In a colossal wave
Not passion, not anger
But a darkened cave
A power so vociferous
Th emotion ‘indifference’
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
Duck duck goose
Hangman on a noose
What's your crime
Other than stealin' time?
Picked at random
You won't get sainthood
From martyrdom
There was no four-leaf
Clover, Chuck
Which in layman's terms
Means you just
Ran out of luck...
For anyone who ever stuck their neck out for those who ultimately didn't care.
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