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S Jan 2021
My heart waits for something

Something that can fill it

At least by 1 percent

My soul aches for something

Something that can reduce this agony

At least by 1 percent

I long for the feeling of something

Something that can make me live

At least by 1 percent
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2021
Cold indifference
Jealous of your frozen heart
How you don't feel things
Why cant I be like you?
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2021
Flowers lost in measure
At an outstretched hour
Born sightless in the once
Sacrosanct hedgerows
Picked belatedly

--And invisibly so--

Taken from their family
To unconditional surrender
Upon a cold stark table
Where those assembled
Finished off love with their meal

--And invisibly so--
Van Xuan Nov 2020
I was skeptic when people says
'Loving too much will change you'
How can it change me when I only sincerely show her my heart? 


Now I believe in them.. 
You know why?
Because when she touch my heart
I never felt anything 
only indifference 

And it change me into someone I never knew
Kellin Oct 2020
I've been dancing on telephone wires hoping you'll call me again just to hear  my name sound like a ballet as it floats off your tongue

Lets dance in the ignorant nostalgia
Carlo C Gomez Jun 2020
Harvest be gone
Welcome to starvation
Ruins of Babylon
Maypole rivets for fangs
Parse the tricky argot, Mr. Bugbear
You speak such pretty thangs
Adagio for strings
Cry me a mare
Thundering rockets of pain
Life is a factory of scares
BLT's continued challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word(s) of the day, parse and argot. Two for one special!
mblevy Jun 2020
The screeching sound of the rustic door
I stopped below to hear its call
Its melody choked like howling growl
How comforting it was to see you crawl,
There you were with an innocent guise
Saving Liberty – you thought it was
“Come closer, darling
Sanctify my flesh
You will feel like a hero, no less.”
But you see, I loved this stage
I could be a Princess
And an evil incarnate
Let’s go deeper now
Please don’t drown
Amuse me, lover
before the river goes down.
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