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OpenWorldView Oct 2018
Crucify me with glowing irons.
Tear me into thousand pieces
or burn me in heresy fire.

Just do something
because no death
can be worse
than your indifference.
LEX Oct 2018
~~~~~~{TRIGGER WARNING}~~~~~~

This girl
Beaten up,
Didn’t know much about love.
She was so used to being ignored.
This boy
Known by everyone,
Wished he’d never gotten all the attention.

The boy noticed the girl,
Asked her her name
No answer.
She’s so used to the quiet
So used to no one addressing to her
his words just passed her ears.
The only sound she heard was the clock
Tick- tick-
He asks again, this time a bit louder
Not being rude
She answers, very softly
Before he could say his name, she replies with I know
He thinks that name is really pretty
He wonders how he’s never noticed her before

These two built a friendship
One the girl never had before
She started to feel happy for once.
Unknowingly, this was a bet
She finds out
She finds out that this boy was rude,
Just an overall nasty person.
Before she liked the boy
But this boy ended up breaking her more
Shattering her heart like a piece of ceramic.
The trust that was once found,
Now lost in the lies

She realizes why she never had any friends
It was because of the fear of something like this.
She goes back to the girl everyone saw her as
Weeping Willow
This time more depressed,
Beaten up,
These people drove her insane
She told that boy everything,
He told everyone else everything.
Those secrets being exposed hurt
She was overall hurt.

She feels empty,
Mentally exhausted.
It came to the point where she couldn’t handle it,
This wasn’t any old joke,
These kids never knew her,
They never took the time to know her
It took just one person to find out everything for everyone.
Her world collapsed within not even a month.

She walked over to a tree,
Climbed the tree,
There was an unknown object in her hand.
She could only think about her insanity,
Other people’s insanity,
And what was in her hand.
She can’t think anymore,
Her mind took over,
The unknown object is a rope,
She’s on airplane mode,
Her mind tells her to tie it
2 places
She counts down to three…
She can’t think,
It’s too late.
Everything is flashing before her.
The story of Weeping Willow.
my frendo Miranda wrote this and wanted me to post it for her
Sutherland Oct 2018
What happens when,
the light from the stars fades away?

What happens when,
the twines once taut fray?

What happens when,
a longing,
once together,
becomes alone?

When indifference, like bleach,
scratches and,
grinds and,
destroys what was,
devours what's theirs.

When all is symmetric,
white as a bone.

What happens then?
do I feel alone.
Jesse stillwater Sep 2018
a poet's simple truth:

' the only thing that makes you live
is silently killing you trying to let it go '

Just thinking out loud: parsing the raw truth veiled in a poet's blood —
*will* to be creative has abandoned at the moment; unable to rejuvenate as light lessens daily, prompting to take some time away from whatever it is i've been doing here ... for now,  i'll just be listening
through the window of the silent pages ...
Jesse Stillwater
Vener Sep 2018
--and at this point,
       i've come to accept
--that what I feel is
       not anxiety,
       nor is it excitement,
       just sheer indifference
--for the future,
       i've already abandoned
Sarah Larsen Sep 2018
As I pick you up from the airport, I don't feel a thing
As I lie down next to you, I don't feel a thing
As you take my hand in yours, I don't feel a thing
As you say "I love you", I feel a slight guilt.

When I first met you, it wasn't love at first sight,
yet you intrigued me in a way that kept me going,
a couple months later I thought I had fallen,
now seven months later I don't feel anything at all.

As I look through our pictures together, I don't feel a thing
As I kissed another boy at the party last night, I don't feel a thing
As I think of you with another girl, I don't feel a thing
As you say "be safe", I feel a slight guilt

Yet I still can't get myself to break up with you, because in that moment, I know I'll feel everything...
I wrote this very quickly to get my feelings written down
slay Sep 2018
Pleasure remains, but so does the pain, I’m going insane

Are you talking to me? Nah, I don’t think so
Are you asking me if I am mad at the world?
Well I’ll have to think, I guess, maybe? I know!
But I really can’t hear you, I have in headphones
Can we take a break? Cause I gotta smoke
Yes, and each one, it is killing me slow
Well technically fast,
E-R the better
I’d love to be deader than how I already feel in my guts on the inside
Black tar suffocating the fluids inside of my spine —
*****, you are a dime

Pleasure remains, but so does the pain, I’m going insane

“Why you so guarded?” Can’t get this enough
Please shut the **** up, my feelings are stuck
I can’t get enough of the **** from the plug
To put me in a coma from smoking too much
Every time I come thru, I water his buds
He got that good good
that fefe
That neek neek
Good gas got me prerolling
His blunts for the morning
When I'm not high, I'm boring
It's my niche through the torment
To numb all external stimulation endured on my journey
In the basement of a haunted house with all Windows boarded

I'm lonely!
Hopelessly, truthfully, desparingly torn between
Extending my warmth or further retreating
I just wanna die without leaving my momma cleaning
The mess of myself all cold and depleting, and
Soaking the carpet to live or to be in.
Beside myself now, oh, how ******* convenient.
The whispers of a woman in a moment once fleeting , but
That won't be me, will it?
Someone make me see different!
One of the versions of myself that I live with, because
I am infinite.
Still I'm human, I have limits
I could still push myself further than what im currently doing,

i just wrote this *** imstill working on it
Michael Aug 2018
When I am lost,
My identity cannot be found.
When I am down,
The sky cannot be seen.
For right now I am swimming in a sea.
A sea of indifference.
Truly a dangerous place to be.
I could be happy,
I could be sad.
But no,
I am just...
How I feel right now, or more accurately how I am without feeling.
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