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Abby Dec 2020
You're doing it
You're chasing those big dreams
And you're finally doing something that matters
Congratulations :)
Abby Dec 2020
I prefer daydreaming

I prefer smiles

I prefer sunny days to ones with clouds

I prefer books and tea

I prefer you smiling back at me

I prefer sunsets on the ocean to the ones on land

I prefer a summer tan

I prefer Minnie

and smoke pouring out of our chimney

I prefer learning to an overwhelming sense of yearning

I prefer dogs to the city smog

I prefer hopeless romantics who still have some hope in love

I prefer knowing that everything is planned out and that I am always going one step closer to my happily ever after
Abby Sep 2020
Life has gotten rough
I'll be the first to admit
But, there is still so much goodness and love to look forward to
Look foreword to baking a turkey on thanksgiving day and having the smells of amazing food fill your home
Look forward to the smiles of children as they watch at Christmas lights dance in the darkness
Look forward to having the laughter of people playing in the snow fill your ears
Look foreword to decorating gingerbread men and laughing with your friends and family at how disastrous your cookies may look
But what's most important is to look forward to seeing the person that you are going to become
With all of the stress going on in the world I felt like some light was important
Abby Jul 2020
Cinderella is the story that most young girls start out with
She is the character that we looked up to
As we get older we are told to not be Cinderella because she was weak and needed a prince to save her
But let me tell you something
It’s okay to need saving and it’s okay to need help in order to be saved
And it’s definitely okay to be weak
There are some times you need to be weak in order to know what being strong feels like
This is where my head is right now, I’m not entirely sure why but I felt like it needed to be said
Abby Jun 2020
Hello Summer
I’ve missed you
Feel free to stay a while
We could all use your help
2020 ***** guys hopefully summer will be better
Abby May 2020
Have you ever heard this song? It goes
“I wanna see the world, I wanna sail the ocean, I wanna know what it feels like to never come back again”
This song has become the anthem of my life recently
I spent around 4 hours of my day in the ocean today and for the first time in what feels like forcer I feel happy
I’ve taken up a new hobbies with my ocean adventures
I’m trying out stand up paddle boarding
And it feels almost as if I could sail the entire ocean
And that’s the best feeling in the world
The song I was talking about is “Never come back again” by Austin Plane. Seriously check it out it’s amazing
Abby May 2020
I’m 16
Now what?
When I was younger I had this vision of what sixteen year old me would look like and I’m nothing like her
Sixteen year old me in her head was loud and fun
She would dance on tables at parties at two am
She would be dating the love of her life and have all the friends in the world
She would dress in the latest clothes and she wouldn’t be scared to tell somebody off and stand up for herself or her friends
Sixteen year old me currently doesn’t go to parties and is definitely not dating the love of my life
Im trying to stay up with fashion and I succeed sometimes
I will stand up for my friends just not for myself but I’m getting there
However I still feel like younger me would be proud of
16 year old me
Just some thoughts since my birthday was yesterday
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