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Mystic Mystery Sep 2019
Reviving the mere inceptive  conversation we had,
it was 15th of may when we first met.
~~not in real but on social app.

it makes me smile when i remember first ever conversation we had.
it was gawky we didn't knew what to talk, though we had such a pleasant talk.

I won't lie to butter you up
but trust me you were looking so
gorgeous that day,
you made me feel so right with just one look you took my breath away.
Mystic Mystery Aug 2018
I'm mesmerized by your radiant smile, which can open up the cloudy skies
I'm mesmerized by the beauty in your eyes, a glow that shines like the sunrise
I'm mesmerized by your rosy cheeks covering your face, that I would always embrace
I'm mesmerized by your name, the sweetest I have ever spoken
I'm mesmerized by your beauty,
it is like a diamond in the sky where even shooting stars would be ashamed to fly
I'm mesmerized by your soul, it's a blessing from the heavenly skies
and I would love be stay like this forever until my last breath
#I'm mesmerized
#I'm hypnotized
Mystic Mystery Jan 2018
when you feel lonely
when you are far away from your family
when you feel sad
when you are depressed
when you feel there is no hope
when you lost all of your hoard

but  never ever doubt your worth
keep sailing captain its just a storm you are passing through.
Mystic Mystery Jun 2017
The sun will set
The moon will hike
The darkness will spread
The memories will fade

Folks will fall asleep
With the sound of the wind
They will start to dream
all the mirthful seconds they've wrapped

The filthy crawlers once again
Comes out from there hollow caves
To zap all the memories
Which folks have shaped

As time passes
The sun will ascent
Glowing enormously defeating darkness
Giving new life to the young and old

But the memories
That is fade shall never rebound
And the memories
You are gonna make wont last forever

-new life everyday

— The End —