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Words' Worth Jul 4
If we as human beings are meant to bring reason
Bring water out of stone
Create fame from fortune
Then, what comes next
Probably, the study of relevant subjects
That entice us, but, what do we crave
Many of us wonder, if we want a happy ending
Honestly, we want to have an ending
The story should end, even if it not be remembered
In that sense, we are truly capable of reasoning
As reasoning requires to reject the praise and goodwill of others
For a purposeful end
If we shall truly reason, we cannot let our beliefs sway
Let alone be moved by the storm of emotion or doubt
If our mind is a sail boat, let it find it's way
On a vast ocean of rationalism
However, we will always question our own self
Seldom, trusting the route
If trusting the wind
Is faith
Reason is having trust
In your sails, as the wind may come to a calm halt someday
That is God's will, perhaps.
Exploring my ideas on God, since, I do not believe in a superhuman. I do believe unchanging reasoning skills can bring us close to each other and inventiveness. How will we innovate without understanding the future prospects?
Children standing in midair,
a person somehow wrong,
orders a bag of a cooked subconscious.
Shakes it gently,
unaware of the destruction wrought by rationalism.
A dog reading a book demands doctrinal allegiance.
A writer identifying the wrongs dies in a hypnotic trans-like state...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Charles Ernest Nov 2017
If our souls were open sockets
That connect us to creator God
Our realities would be mere chargeless particles
Reluctant to feed from the Source
Because we don’t care
What our realities must feel like
That is the reason why when I say
You are free
You go away like a wind
freed from a season’s chamber
And blame me for standing still where I was
Who will know that I stayed where I was
Because I wanted to collect
My soul oozing out of the open socket
That the creator God has sent my way
That I wanted my realities to be
In the form of the Love that I wanted to love you
Those tales that I told you
Where not out of the blue
But my dreams about us
My hopes and expectations
Our togetherness remains
Like a story untold
In the depths somewhere
In the open socket that smiles
At me with helplessness.

— The End —