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Kaitlin Sep 14
The rice cooker broke
because I turned it on
with no rice inside to cook
And its empty clay
couldn't take the heat all alone
So it just cracked, all spiderweb
Almost pretty.  Useless.
And I hated myself for that.
I felt pretty useless for that.

What's funny,
I think it's funny,
I want to think it's funny,
is that it's been years
but I remember, and I still,
and I am still pretty useless for that.

Once Upon A Time
Pressure cooking was exciting
It was Hot,
It was Tense,
Leading tone to tonic
Tugging me towards...

But I'm bored with that now.
I'm bored of stress.
      (but I'm stressed when I'm bored.)

I'll just go to sleep.

And in the morning

I'll remember to add rice.
Children standing in midair,
a person somehow wrong,
orders a bag of a cooked subconscious.
Shakes it gently,
unaware of the destruction wrought by rationalism.
A dog reading a book demands doctrinal allegiance.
A writer identifying the wrongs dies in a hypnotic trans-like state...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
b Apr 2018
there was an ice storm today.
so i ordered food.
if mother nature said **** it
than i do too.
maybe if
i had cooked,
i might have
gotten something done.
Asa D Bruss Feb 2015
It's one of those days; those days when you feel like a looser.
You feel like there's a pressure pushing in
from people who are busy;
who are better by their busy bodies
budding and boiling over,
filling the life you try to look through with steam,
and as the pressure builds, you
sit and sweat and worry,
trying so hard to hurry.
"What to do?"
You'll say,
and in the end you'll stay;
stay in that sultry salty sweaty *****-up that you are.
Cuz on that day you feel like a looser. You realize
you built your life like a pressure cooker,
not a steam-engine like you wanted.
Am I just a lazy ***? Am I normal? Am I behind? It's like I'm chasing a bell curve, just trying to hang onto the tail end of it.

— The End —