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Panda Boy Apr 2022
A pencil is
Such a wonderful tool.
Sharpen it well,
Or you will write like a fool.
Panda Boy Apr 2022
The people in the venues,
Having meetings and conferences.
they mix like a dry salad
drenched in vagueness and normality

it is
to not be there
and feel not happy
but not sad
just not there

it is alright
in the sense that you do not hide
pains or fears
But when business is about,
You can't run.

so go ahead and stop
let these conflicts settle
and fall into dreams
escape momentarily
For now.
Panda Boy Apr 2022
The universe
Flows, an overwhelming
Humility is sure to follow,
And when all earthly worries are cast away,
Simplicity becomes pure bliss.
Panda Boy Apr 2022
A kiss is important because it's the first
To close one’s words for a moment, but to say something greater
An action of courage, cowardice, desire, or pressure,
And should only arrive when you really know her.
So keep a kiss in mind for those you truly love.
For a kiss is important;
A gift from above.
Panda Boy Mar 2022
There’s this holly tree
That can imitate
Its shape to
That of a Christmas tree,
And every time I can’t help but state
‘Doesn’t that tree look like it wants to be
A Christmas tree?’
And all year round,
My co-workers laugh politely.
Panda Boy Nov 2018
The King is dead,
And a queen holds an odd flower,
Now the game will begin
Within the next hour;
Some spades are played
To dig a grave,
The hearts decide to pretend
To act silly but smart,
All clubs follow behind
While looking quite smug,
And all the diamonds
Sound their sirens.
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