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Ano nga ba ang kulang?
Matiwasay ang buhay, ngunit bakit may patlang?
Tila damdami'y hanap ay lambing,
Pagkat puso'y ito'y dinadaing.

Aanhin ang karangalan,
Kung isip tila di maunawaan?
Aanhin ang karangyaan,
Kung ang puso ay di maintindihan?

Nadarama ko ang katotohanan
Nilalamon ako ng kalungkutan
Ang puso'y puno ng katanungan
Nasaan ang aking kamalian?

Pagmamahal lamang ang nanaisin,
Uhaw kong damdamin.
Halaga ko'y sino mag aangkin
Hanggang kailan ko ito titiisin?

Hangad ko lamang ay tunay na kagalakan
Tipong walang madaramang alinlangan
Pagpapanggap ay hindi na kailangan
Ngunit kailan ko ito mararanasan?

Isa lamang itong hangarin ko
Mahalin ako ng totoo
Mula sa mga taong mahal ko
Upang sa kalungkuta'y makabangon ako

Dalangin ng puso'y hndi man sapat
Uhaw na damdamin hindi na sana mamarapat
Hndi man pahalagahan ng lahat
Pagmamahal ko'y patuloy na tapat

Darating ang panahon
Puso'y magiging mahinahon
Sa dilim ako'y makakaahon
At Wala ng sasayanging pagkakataon
True love from my family, relatives and friends are all I need.
my life has gone down
like a towering skyscraper falling to ashes
love has not found me
i am a speck of gray in a room of darkness
family has left me
i am all but alone with my mind as we wait
the sun sets and turns to night
night falls upon me and stay for all eternity
love will not find me
i am lost in a ever sinking hole
there is a light shining upon my face
i am saved, but by whom
i am saved by him
i am saved by myself digging to catch up
Butterfly Jan 2019
I made you cry,
Way to many times
But you keep saying that you're fine
And babe....
Am really trying to love you more and hurt you less.
Why won't i find a way?
I made you cry for a reason i don't get
But i can't get it of my chest.
So i still don't get why you love me?
Am just a bad dream,
That won't let you sleep.
It's messing with my head
Why won't i find a way to love you more and hurt less.
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin B & Quinfinn

Where's the love,
If you love me,
Instead you have me feeling so empty,
I've never in my life felt so empty,
This room never been so empty,
You had a love for writing songs,
Delayed meetings to hear you sing,
But the only thing I write about,
Is have your finger tangled with a ring,
In hopes that we could be more,
And nothing positive anymore,
Drug head I think I need more,
There's nothing more to say,
I got the direction , I just hope you know the way.
love doesn't just go away
so, i guess it must have gone astray
it's not forgotten..somehow i know
just lost its way on a lonely road
but what has filled my heart with dread
there may be no signpost up ahead
a billion stars in the universe
we are merely two, it couldn't be worse
ever expanding is this endless sky
and we lost each other, i know not why
sometimes a man just has to cry
sometimes a man just has to cry.

while pieces of you still churn within me
like a paper boat in a raging sea
desperately searching for a place to land
as you slip through my fingers like the sand.

I was glad to be your man,
But inception got in the way,
Not good enough doubt's,
To have the affection missed in any other way.
Miss love

— The End —