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Andy Felix Sep 2018
My nose has been broken twice. Now I have a collection of scars
Similar to my growing collection of crooked teeth, bent bottle caps and used casino playing cards
My worn out tattered clothing and bad tattoos
I have more than a few, I wouldn't trade for new
I can find new adventures in my stack of old unread books
Like my stack of unheard vinyl records, waiting to hear new old hooks
Andy Felix Sep 2018
We go good like coke and whiskey
So perfectly smooth
We fit. I'm feelin the grove
Sparks fly, you strike me like the perfect match
Hotness, attached
We're on the same level, on the same wave
I always knew there was someone who could love the same way
Andy Felix Sep 2018
I sing from the soul no matter how it sounds
Fumbling over words like spontaneous poetry scribbled down
I like acting on impulse, especially on lazy days without plans
I dont have to leave the comfort of my own bed, but I'd probably leave it unmade.. Go lay on the beach and get covered in sand
Stare at the waves anticipating the the good things to come
Like coffee on on short overcast rainy days, or long summer nights out having fun
Andy Felix Sep 2018
Your voice still reverberates from another plain your words still echo through my brain. Not a day passes that you don't pass through my thoughts. I think about how conversations would go if we could talk again
I wouldn't even know where to begin
Although, it seems you speak in dreams
This world is not the same with you not in it
Slightly foreign it seems
I hope the memories never fade and stay permanent, like the memorial tattoos on my skin.
Sometimes I feel as if your presence enters the room like a subtle breeze in the afternoon
And for that moment.. Its as if you never left
Like everything was still the same
How it should be
Like the broken missing pieces were back together
Maybe heaven is a little more whole with you there
And we're all broken pieces
To be put back together
Andy Felix Aug 2018
Livin in that enthroned slum I'm dancin like a mischief creep
Steady mobbin arriving sometime-ish, I roll deep
I got a hot skull, I cause an eruption, everybody tweeked their nobs
With vices of virtue, I dont wanna hurt you shifty switch we mob
In chaotic bliss, what did I get myself into this time?
All of this grand design, the full experience
Go get some wisdom, it makes no sense. I wouldnt get myself out of this one
Except from a song a recorded with my band Hyperslugz
Andy Felix Aug 2018
Come away with me as we give into our intense passion that consumes us like a storm of euphoric bliss
A rush of a new thrill
A lustful entanglement
Like a rain drop falling into a rushing cascade that then trails along, like fingers tracing on skin
Bliss, a bitten lip kiss
We tumble togther caught in an incessant ****** of powerful tempest winds, no holding back
Lost in eachother, like crashing lightning lost in the thunderclouds
Andy Felix Jul 2018
Nobody calls to him, hardly anyone cares if he's friendly or not. Looked at like he's just another lost mutt probably quick to snap at you
Slightly skittish
Who wouldnt be after being chased away and kicked at
Its a shame
Such a friendly loyal companion but nobody gives him a chance
He's no show dog but he knows all the tricks
Looked at like a misfit amongst misfits
Not even thrown a bone
Keep your head up lone wolf continue to roam
I feel for the strays
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