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Mane Omsy Apr 2018
Boredom kills your mind
Scratching from the surface
Taking every chance it gets
To push you down the road
Raging you in the flame
Tagging memories contained
Wishes and dreams passed on
To another, until it works

Sometimes you have to be
Sometimes you shouldn't
But when it starts to itch
Just take the highway road
And overcome your fear
Let your strength be the one
To beat your own conscious
Natasha Jan 2018
I apologize,
for I am broken
and for all the things
I've left unspoken.
I criticize
myself, every time
you're around
for within myself I looked and reasoned
and there is not a cause to be found.
I am tainted
by my past renditions
left me in this strange condition
for more- is never enough,
but away these marred feelings I tuck.
But, it's okay
I swear I'm fine
I'm just losing myself in my mind
she calls me through sleep and time
to whisper horror stories late at night.
Lady Dressed in black,
disintegrating yet still whole
crying, as I sputter
shovelling dark, demonic coal.
Into the fire, she burns,
down beneath, revealing
something I never wanted to see
but she showed it to me anyway.
Held my hair and made me stay,
made me touch, made me play
made me say I like it
I swear I like it
I do.
it's really hard to describe
exactly what I've been through.
I've recited it enough in my mind,
I'd like to explain it to you.

I'd like to believe I could
if you were to ever bring it up.

but whenever I try to talk about it
the words always get stuck.
Does anyone have an experience similar?
Lunar Nov 2017
I love you."
wjh said these words a year ago,
and for some reason it doesn't only makes me feel happy and assured,
but it makes me sad and lonely too.
he's got a tinge of wistfulness in him, that's why i like him a lot.
he makes me feel like there's more to loving someone
because of seeing them happy.
you truly love someone even when you see them sad.
Paul Jones Aug 2017
All I have to do      is care, tend to you
and when you flower,     I will feel human.
22:45 - 10/08/17

State of mind: divided.
Perspective: natural; spiritual.

Thoughts: from thinking - what makes us human is an expanding capacity for love. It's the thought that counts... and your actions that add up.

Questions: What will you do with the sum of your addition?

Listening to: The Lumineers - Angela.
Paul Jones Aug 2017
An ivy cutting     will start growing roots
all along its stem,      if touched by water.
23:20 - 06/07/17

State of mind: reflective; deep thought.
Perspective: natural; structural.

Thoughts: from observations - of an ivy cutting that grew its roots, not only from the base of the stem where it was cut, but also all along the stem, at the intersections where the branches grew out its leaves.

We grow from what wounds us, but also from where we are allowed to grow. If that place is fear we grow fearful, if that place is want we grow wanting... and so on for any state of mind. Societies, too, have a state of mind.

If fear or want is to be overcome, it must be in a place where they are not familiar.

When conflict arises from fear or want, the peace must be bridged by creating an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and communication.

Questions: how can an atmosphere of respect, understanding and communication become the emphasis for interpersonal relations?
BSeuss Jul 2017
I sometimes walk back into a public establishment, for a logical reason in myself, simply because I've  seen a person who looked curios to me. When I notice that they are no longer their as I enter and take my seat, I continue on. Nothing changes.

I've come a long long way.
When I was a little boy, I would breakdown in tamper-tantrums, because someone I cared about for no reason had disappeared,  never to be seen again.

(Hi, may I have a large coffee, please. That's all)
It is what is.
I guess I'm still me at heart.
Professor thoughts.
Transcendent soul.
But a kid, when I laugh.
I am still the kid I was..... difference is, I have to go to work now.
Druzzayne Rika May 2017
Now and then
it happens again
and it won't end
even if you pretend
                            it will not .
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