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Cory Bauer Mar 2020
You dont hate me as much as I do
If love was a color it would leave my heart blue.
Happiness  never got to blossom ,like a **** it was hate that grew .
Recently I pray to god that I wish it was yourself I never knew.
I blame me and begged you to say what it is I gotta do .
Now you got some one else it makes me cry to hear you  call him boo .
I'm lonely ,sad,lost and  deppressed alll because of you .
dylan Jan 2020
like a firefly trapped inside the palms of a bear.
i see only darknes,
even though,
I am made of light
i feel trapped inside this endless cycle of pain
Let me take you there
to the place you felt peace
Where you can rest your heart
and to share your vows

With every step we take
My heart finally realized
what my eyes cannot see
That you were once mine
But will forever be his
To every broken dreams
21st Century Dec 2018
normal people have no idea
how beautiful the darkness is.
Lizzie Apr 2018
Things are getting complicated
Ev'ry day I'm frust-erated
My hearts not in it, just my mind
Doubts are growing with the time

My mind is clearing, fog is gone
Every step I've made was wrong
By following the path to you
I'm binding my heart untrue.

You're a dream, you always were
But neither of our dreams concur
The galaxy you once called ours
Wasn't meant to hold my stars

I'm so sorry for the hurt I've brought
For keeping secret all these thoughts
I promise you have ev'ry right
To be upset at what I write

Though it wasn't meant to last forever
I'm thankful for our time together
And sincerely in these parting times
I wish for you the best of lives
Idk what to do... I don't want to be in this relationship anymore
regina May 2015
your love is like Ouija Board,
in the end you got to say goodbye.
why everything good must come to an end,
like our love. it was strong and perfect until the day you said goodbye.
ɐnoɹ Apr 2014
Im not deppressed,cuz I have fun
Im not happy cuz I cry
Im not sad cuz I smile

Im deppressed cuz I cry at night
Im happy cuz I usually have fun

When I am alone
I always have a new scar

— The End —