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Phia Apr 15
I will drop everything,
and stay,
all you have to do
is ask.
Donna Bella Aug 2017
I wasn't taught about the after cry after a break up
I wasn't taught the morning after a break up the sun wouldn't shine anymore
I wasn't taught that music wouldn't sound the same anymore
I wasn't taught that I would shed so many tears that salt water became my ocean
I wasn't taught that feeling of being lost and not being able to find yourself
I wasn't taught about the after cry
White Owl Apr 2016
"There are no words to describe how I feel."
That is one of the most common phrases ever used.

But it is true and so is "I love you."

From the day I first talked to you I knew there was something.
The first time I video chatted with you I had a certain kind of feeling.
   Something that I never felt before.

Everyone always says they know what love is but you never really know until you have met the one.

I fell for you the first time we talked.
I started falling in love at first video chat.
I fell in love with you before I knew what was going on.
You had my heart on an Un-breakable chain that was tied to yours.

The day I met you in person the butterflies could have carried me away.
I carried the biggest smile on my face with nerves hidden behind it.

My nerves where sky high. You where perfect. You were hot! You were smart. You were funny. You made me smile.
We were in love!

When you asked me to be your wife I started to cry. Happy tears. Our life together was just beginning.
We were in love and everyone knew it!

I wake up in the morning with a huge smile. The butterflies still lifting me up.  You are perfect. You are hot smart kind and funny. You are laying next to me! I hold you close. I am never letting you go.

I love you.
Written for Mr. Fiancé

You are mine. My everything. My one and only. My forever and always. My other half. You will always be mine.

If you ever see this. I love you no matter where we are In life I will always love you. You are my one true love.
Hey, it's me again
I know you said you'd call back later
But I'm calling to let you know that I had a better day
I didn't cry
I didn't hide
I didn't stray away
I miss you so much it hurts
Please come home soon
I did the laundry and the dishes
I even finally dusted our room
Our bed feels empty without you
I keep a few pillows on your side
The nights feel colder and longer
But I can't wait to be your bride
I know you will be back soon
You called and said so
I replay your voicemail twelve times a day
But I still wish you didn't have to go
Your trip is taking too long
I like it better when I wake up in your arms
Time goes so slow when you're gone
Plus now I have to remember to set my own alarms
We are getting married next month
I cannot wait to start our lives
So hurry home so we can taste cakes
And teach each other how to dance right
Goodnight my handsome fiancé
I guess you're still pretty busy
But it's been a year and I think it is about time
For you to call me back or let me know that your plane landed fine
I had nightmare last night that I got your voicemail again
Jodey Ross Oct 2014
No matter if it's dark and gray,
you always seem to brighten my day.

I think about you all the time,
how your eyes always seem to shine.

Always there for me to talk to,
I know I can always count on you.

Laying next to you in bed,
not wanting anywhere to be instead.

Think about your kisses makes me swoon,
knowing I will get to have them soon.

I love you more than anything ever
and me stopping would be never.
Sometimes I get sappy and want to write about my love. Sorry if it gets annoying...

— The End —