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Akriti Dec 2020
With the vacuum in my stomach,
I can feel the rush of pain.
With the tears oozing out,
I succumb to despair.
With all the world against me,
I am still trying to stand straight.
With the future that only holds uncertainty,
I wish to live just few more days.
With too much chaos at once,
I was born at the wrong place.
Broken Pieces Mar 2020
On this day three years ago,
                                             I was given up for adoption.
On this day three years ago,
                                             I was no longer wanted.
On this day three years ago,
                                             I lost everything.
On this day three years ago,
                                             I was torn apart.
On this day three years ago,
                                             I gave up.
On this day three years ago,
                                             I found out I wasn't enough.
On this day three years ago,
                                             My life was no longer mine.
This day three years ago was my bio moms birthday, also the day I didn't get to go home.
Phoenix Jan 2016
I was just a child,
but that seemed to be enough
We sat in the front of your car
As you drove us to Hell
Oblivious to all the **** to come
True story bro.
You wake and find yourself quite comfortably in the passenger side of a vehicle heading…where, when, why, how, and who’s driving? Write a poem of possibility. The road is wide open ahead of you.
Colleen Lyons May 2015
If home is
merely a place
where you sleep,

keep your clothes
for the next day,

then, yeah,
I've got one of those.

But if home is
a place where you are loved,
accepted in your totality,

able to express yourself
without words of doubt

and decisions that
crush you,
concluding your fate,

then, certainly,
I've not had


— The End —