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Dj May 2020
Even when i made the wish, apon evrey shooting star;
finding a place where i could keep you in my life, grew ever so more afar.

you lost all my respect, and even more so my trust;
Because all you wanted to do was lie, and hide in lust.

And now i wounder, if one day my heart will ever mend;
Or am i just waiting for my life, to finally come to an end..
Dj Aug 2019
Lifes all about discovering just who and what,
you would be willing to move mountians for..
Dj Aug 2019
I'd fight untill my last breath;
as long as it's a fight I know is worth dieing for,
And if a time just so happens to come where its not;
I'll die without so much as allowing for my last breath...
Dj Dec 2018
And sometimes you just have to learn to accept; that just because you love someone, sometimes that love isnt enough to want to be with them ...
Dj Oct 2018
although the years have now come and gone,
one thing i have never ceased to stumble apon,
was the extent to your personality; a touch of savage with
a heavenly grace,
while most boys would stop at the simple beauty of your face.

i may have choose wrong to attempt to stay away,
but ive always admired you beyond great dismay,
although my last hope of love with you may have far past expired,
with these drugs my broken heart and soul may be rewired,

but as long you may remain happy,
i must avoid all chance of getting sappy,
and every day that my mind may pass my own self regret,
for the lack of my actions in being a clueless boy; my mind shall
be forced to accept the unspeakable debt,

time after time it appeared to be only you reaching out your hand,
to your power i could not make words i found it hard too so much as stand,

and perhaps one day, i will once again, find the willpower to live,
thats so far lost; i may as well be a inmate ;in for life and bleeding out stuck with a shiv,

but then and only then my fire may reignite
finally past this existence, maybe even a delight

but until then ill keep up my smile,
cause i know apon a moments gaze; we both know its been awhile,

but can you really blame me; for years straight
after i only wanted our unhealthy love to wait

you treated me like i was nothing not even real, every time i tried ; or at least thats how you made it feel,
up until you decided to date my best friend now your both over there...

until i regain my emotional strength i may disassociate n pretend to not so much as care.
and i refuse to even acknowledge your attempt to openly declare,
about my lack of presence unaware,
that my dreams of you have  just been those mistaken but of nightmares,

from the image of forever chasing you down the halls,
as all im left with is a false fading sense of hope ;awhile i move on to success and building up my protective walls,

even though i knew my chase would never come to a fair end,
but given all my assets; im still mainly heartbroken that once apon a time i lost such an amazing best freind....
Dj Aug 2018
I wanna say you will get used to it;
I wanna say you alike I should,
get used to daily wanting to die...
But it's something no one should have to get used to...
some call the idea/thought of death depressing;
but for some,
it's the only time we shall finally be freed and fully alive....
death is our salvation...
death is when we get our redemption...
Dj Jul 2018
Look up at me and beg, with your tear full eyes..demanding I allow the mercy you once so long ago denied me of. But what you don't understand it's been long since, that the bridges have burned. And now that water belows become trechorouse, your scared to fall.. to just slip away, but what you don't understand is long ago so was I. But you laughed at the sight of my dangling body, I fell and you thought I was gone and could care less. But now here we are your looking down my barrel, begging for forgiveness but if the tables were turned. they were turned but I came out even stronger, and now I squeeze my hand without a blink not a single doubt...I told you you would meet regret, I told you I didn't want you to see the dark side but here it is and now the only option left is to embrace it's nature...
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