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Kyra 4d
in the dead of night
your voice whispers in my ear

Perhaps if I was stronger
I wouldn't feel fear.

They pretend it never happened
But we both know the truth

You ripped my soul away from me
you stole my sacred youth.
I hope you're somewhere listening
I hope these words avenge me.
Kyra 4d
She keeps staring at me
the girl with blue eyes
she keeps asking me
which one of us will die.
Kyra Apr 8
They knew I'd never forgive
So I was forced to forget
Kyra Apr 7
destroyer of myself.
My blood has become purgatory,
my lips a voiceless cry.
Is this ****?
Kyra Apr 1
She strode into ****
and dug her bleeding fingers
into its ash covered soil.
Kyra Mar 30
When you look at me
my voice runs away
stealing my breath
Kyra Mar 30
Grip the cord
Pull it taut
Wave at the passerby

They're all looking at you
Pull it taut

Don't forget to **** in
Breathing doesn't matter
Pull it taut
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