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Kyra Sep 23
whispers of fate
drew me across the bloodstained tile
i found her there

i'd searched
and here she was


it was surprising
to not see her face

venus was across the room
getting torn
apart by cracked screens

but veritas,
she died long before

men had dipped their tongues
into her skin

they stole her
and sold it

we all bought
watered down bliss
as our enlightenment
Kyra Sep 20
would you send me butterflies tonight?
because i miss the doves.

there are days i forget your smile
i forget the way you said my name

i wish i hadn't cried the last time i saw you
Kyra Sep 4
hell is the static
hell is the dizziness
hell is the tightness in my throat

all i remember from faith is the begging
Kyra Jul 27
when did i first fall in love with you?

was it under the never ending skies in chicago?
in those cruel winter nights
where only you kept me warm.
or was it amidst the song of crickets and breeze?
in the summers of virginia
where even you would sing along.
Kyra Jul 20
some days it feels as if
the world is molasses around me
Kyra Jun 30
there's an invisible rope around my throat,
a cord of coarse thread,
and if it were to ever leave me
i think i'd lose my head.
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