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I don't need a picture and you don't need to know me, just read and feel
Freshet and Frost and Fire
refresh mesh
this shit is not to be shown to my parents when I'm no longer around. “I was born lost and take no pleasure in being ...


I still got young fresh legs
I still got young fresh legs
I know I am old I know I want to be cool yeah
I still got young fresh legs
Maybe I want to be young
As opposed to growing old
Everyone likes me
And respects me yeah
Because I have young fresh legs
I walk around, having a lot of fun
I try and avoid eating a cream bun
Because I want my young fresh legs
I would even go and beg
I feel demons are chasing me
So I run with my young fresh legs
I remember when I was young
I used to call them shiny
My hormones were driving me crazy
Making me try and avoid being lazy
With my young fresh legs
I could be cool
I break no rule
You see it is me enjoying partying
Showing off my young fresh legs
Despite me being 50 yeah
I still have young fresh legs
When I was young I got teased
By a lot of people that are dumb
So I got my young fresh legs
And kicked that ******* up the ***
With My young fresh legs
You see I am so fit
And I am so cool
I break no rule in every way
I feel cool with my young fresh legs
My young fresh legs
My young fresh legs
You see I am cool and break no rule
I feel people are trying to keep my family away from having fun
So I decided to show my young fresh legs
I will be the coolest dude in the world my friend
With my
With my
With my young
Fresh legs
Even if I am 50
It is still cool
To have young fresh legs
Jack  May 2014
Fresh Air
Jack May 2014

You ask is it fresh, is what fresh I say

The air that I feel on this warm summer day

That soft blowing breeze, which flows past my face

Invisible flight, no color, no trace

But there is no taste, no texture, no feel

If I say it is fresh, would you think I’m for real?

Surely you would, why would I lie

Fresher than fresh, direct from the sky

Just made this morning, a few minutes ago

How fresh do you need it, just let me know

I’ve got plenty in stock; in fact it’s on sale

Marked down today, you just can not fail

The price is just right, affordably so

Enjoy it right here or get it to go

Hundreds of uses, I'll bring them to light

For sailing a boat or flying a kite

For waving a flag or messing your hair

Nothing is better than fresh blowing air

Makes tumbleweeds move on their dry arid trip

Causes discarded paper to roll and to flip

Moves bright colored pinwheels to happily spin

Turns clothes on the line inside out, outside in

And open a window, you’ll see what I mean

That musty old room will smell new, crystal clean

And birds love it too, it helps them to fly

It dries up the streets if some rain passes by

It can come from the north, the west or the east

Or even the south if I dare say the least

It can be cold, chilled to the bone

Or hot as the sun, up there all alone

Blowing softly or hard, hardly blowing at all

Throughout summer and spring and winter and fall

There’s fresh air by day and fresh air by night

Whatever you choose is sure to be right

You’ve so many choices, other places to go

Before you decide, I just want you to know

My air is the best, that’s what I’ve been told

Just look at the sign, over one billion sold

So buy it from me, you won’t have a care

Is it fresh, you may’s the freshest fresh air