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Jaanam Jaswani Sep 2014
Round and round, it wouldn't even matter
Go catch monkey's bars, like the beast you are yourself
Tragedy is that you will never be able to look at light
With your frail eyes and flaccid heart

I purge, I clease
Away with the torment of calling myself a fool
Your fool-
Don't you remember what shakles are?
There's a vacuum in your mind-
Is this not true?

Swim in the ale that consumes your youth;
You won't know tomorrow, anyway.
Marge Redelicia Aug 2014
Be wary of me
My friend of frailty,
Because we see love
In different shades and
Express it in diverging ways.
I admit:
I'm a ****.
I don't way my words and
My actions are driven by
Impulsion and confusion.
My biggest fear is that one day
We would break
Or rather,
I would break

I don't know how to say what I mean;
I can never fathom what you really feel.
My laughter may be hurtful daggers;
My silence may sound like crashing thunders.
Can your bones stand my embrace?
Can you hear me whispering
The things I'm too shy to say?

Truth be told:
I love you
Save your heart
And save my dignity.
I think you should
Stay away from me.
Most of my friends are geeks but most geeks are sensitive people, oh well...
Abigail Marie May 2014
I adore the phrase
The shape of my mouth when I say it,
with final 't's in a hushed tone

All I imagine from it
I want to write poems
Sing songs
Take photos
Make love

Colored leaves, cracked
Holding fiercely onto a tree

Delicate hand holding
Of the elderly couple
See the lines, wrinkles,
Years of pain; happiness too

As her wrists and her limbs, lithe
Yet the quiet grace as she moves

Dainty fingernails and toenails
Of an infant
Silent, asleep, innocent

Brittle as the windows
Of the past.

— The End —