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The man gets old,
as he has been told.
The woman is older still, and though looking so young,
She is in pain a lot and knows that.

The man is just an old, silly linguist, not even real
Just a computational linguist.
The woman is a sexto-grammarian and an expert and teacher,
She loves it, and still teaches people everything.

And although their love is unquestionably strong and true,
Their time together is all too short,
Their all too short "conjugal visits" are
More about "conjugation" than anything else.
The Apron and the Gun

I see an Apron around your waist
  And its ******* about your breast
    It is Keeping you from spills and splats
       and it's keeping you from the mess

Is there a machine gun at your side?
   Or something just as strong?
      What does it take to care for all of them
          and Protect them from what's wrong?

I know your mothering and all your care
    I know your life's gone up and down
        You've shunned tears and ignored despair
            Your strength shows us how to hold our ground

The strength that is in you my dear
    Is a power not often mentioned and not seen
        But it Keeps our lives safe and without much fear
            Makes us who we are and keeps us safe and clean

When you hang your apron and put aside your guns
    When you loose your hair and lay you down
        You still have time for me and some
            Love, and hugs and kisses and fun

You are the perfect woman, the mother of all living
    You are my wonderous friend and spouse,
        Your comfort and all of your daily giving
            Make you my warm and safe home and house.
When you got up at 3 AM.
and you are all alone
the house is dark.
you wear a frown.

Finally dawn begins a little bit now.
It's 6:30 AM, and work is soon.

You realize the night's ended
And you were alone again
Your love and romance partner is thousands of
miles away.

One rule please remember
One thing never forget
Don't get onto you tube
and listen to abba.
did i not give you enough money
did i not give you a good grade
did i not remember to call you honey
did i ever forget to hold your hand

did i fail to meet your expectations
i imagine and realize i did not
if i am a source of funds i know
it was never enough

if I was a source of learning maybe
i never taught you enough stuff
if I was a source of interesting times
i blew it and now know i was not the right kind

of husband
of dad
of friend you wanted
to have

i could not ever be where you wanted
at every moment of your life
did i hold any promise in your eyes?
i think not you just made me say something
and then called it all lies

as early as I can remember
women only like to say one thing
"no, you don't", and then "you are a liar"
"unless you are god, i don't need you"

perhaps if i had been a king or some thing
that you really wanted, that you really needed
that would have been better for you
you keep reminding me, and dangling me,
entangling me, and then say "do you love me?"

"do I love you"? I have often been told
I don't love anyone, in fact I have been told
"you hate everyone". By those "closest", lover
and friend, mother and then

They leave. They abandon. They turn away.
In anger. There is clearly nobody on earth
to whom I am more than a source of something.
But never enough. and never. A source of me.

6 march 2016
I wrote a jukebox program
  For the computer
  I find music on the intenet
  It helps me program
     More programs for the computer

I see people in Ibiza
  I watch them all moving
  To the sound and they smile
  It helps me focus on what
     I can't do. But wish to.

My mind's sight is drawn
   Into focus as they bounce
   Their dresses flipping
   Their arms beating the sky
      No reason. I don't ask why

Together they are moving
   Do they imagine I see
   Their smiles across the miles
   Through time and space.
      I sit, in the dark.

     And dream of dancing.

dr. mgmorrell 14-Feb-2016
I'm old.

I look into the tunnel
That leads to the future.

Oh I see glory shining in a tiny spot.
Coming from the future. I see Zion shining.

But the way through is narrow
and darkness is scarey in that line.

Can I walk it, so often alone?
Can I possibly reach that Light?

The Glory is calling. The tunnel does
not turn Up. It stays straight and on Earth.

Will the Earth be filled with
that Glory?

Will there be fig trees?
Will the swords be ruined and made into plow-shears?

Will people live so long then that if they die
People will say, one hundred? So young.

Will there be knowledge instead of

Will there be an end of disease and of

Will women and men all be treated as
the equals they are?

Will religions end and other reasons for

I believe it to be as I have said,
as I have been told all these years.
In the real Bible.

For It says that God said,
But as truly as I live,
all the earth shall be filled with
The glory of the LORD.

mgmorrell 1/20/2016
from thoughts on num 14:21
from Numbers 14:21
many people look to the sky,
gaze upon the milky way,
and wish upon a star.

i tend to look to the sea,
dream of mermaids,
and wish upon a starfish.
guess that’s why i love rainbows,
they are where
the heavens and the waters reconcile.
by Leslie Anne Morrell
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