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Jan 2016
From a distance he was just another guy
As he approached, his face familiar.
He treaded through the grass unashamedly.
I looked at him
He at me.
We knew.
No longer part of the fun we once had
A two second glance
Not even awkward. We knew.
He looked ahead and forgot about me
like those many moons ago
We have departed one and others lives
Thought the memories crisp like
an old photograph
There are many. They still exist
in my head
Though I barely look because it hurts.
It hurts that humans are temporary
In every sense of the word
We hate each other now, like bitter old lovers
We weren't. It wasn't love.
We were friends
We partied. We danced. We sang.
All of this enveloped by naivety
Youth brought us together
And it also tore us apart
I hold no regrets
For a learned a lot.
About myself, but also others
Most importantly,
the frailty of friendship
The passing of time
The innocence of youth
I learnt in that moment,
People come and go
And often they chose when to enter
Whether it be bad or good
It is a lesson to us all, to just live a little
Care less
Love more
Never forget
the past
for it made us.
Sitting in Kelvingrove Park when I noticed someone I once knew and partied with.  It brought up a whole load of memories which made me reflect about life and the frailty of friendship.
Bradley Lewis Cannon
Written by
Bradley Lewis Cannon  Glasgow
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