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It started when you said hello
I wish I knew you longer
To see who you really were
We were just getting stronger
By the smile on your face
We both knew it was my fault
And that's not the case
Memories play through my head
Reminding myself how thankful I am
For having you in my life
It's funny how you appear
right at the time I was struggling
Within the snap you gone just like that
I remember after that game
We lost by 99 over hundred something
A second thought came to my mind
It was about 7:30 at night I was standing outside my school hoping to get picked up
If I walked home all of this wouldn’t   have happened
I close my eyes for a second
And there you are standing in your uniform
The minute Your boss stepped outside
You told me to hop in the cart
And that's when the fun begin
You push me around the store
Like there was no tomorrow
And yet we still have an hour left
Be wasted it on playing hide and seek
Instead of me telling you how I really feel
By the smile on my face
You already knew
And I still think that was the best night ever
I hope you remember what I told you, and if you don’t,  don't worry
Tell me once again
Why I am the first one to say sorry
I only knew you for a month
And this is our first fight
Tell me again how we first met
I thought to myself about that day
Yeah Remember that day I got ******* up
I had my hands on my ears
I wish I could tell you what I think
But deep inside me I was scared
And yet you stay with me every single blink
Every  inch of me is telling me that you really cared
I wish I could tell you what happened before
And until this day I'm not brave enough to tell my own reflection
I just want to say I'm thankful for the days we spent together and the  Hours we wasted, And the days you walked me home without me asking you too. The first day i met your mom,
  she told me I was different,
and the days we spent  at your house for lunch
if we were not at your house we were on the other side of the school, by the doors ,alone,
  this little  girl came  down the stairs.
She called you by your name.
And you told me that she was your little sister after all
And the smile On my face was the perfect aim
If you Remember want i told you
and if you don't don't worry
I told you once it's not blue
my favourite colour is yellow
It's for him
helena alexis May 2020
i always fall for the bad ones

the ones who arrived from the shadow
the ones who lurk in the darkness and
flirt with danger
the ones who allow reality to slip
through their finger tips
the one whose pale face shone
in the golden sun

you see the bad ones aren’t
afraid of sampling death
they are risk takers

the bottom line is
when a good one comes along
i push them away because
the bad one still needs fixing

the bad ones do have
a way with my heart
and it gets broken
over and over

guess who comes running back?
i can still fix them if they’d let me
the bad ones have my heart
CallMeVenus Dec 2018
I've been hiding baby
Oh for so long
Been afraid I'd turn into the morning fog
I'm still shaking when I'm standing right next to you
You call my name and time just stops

You make sure to hold my hand in a dark room
I'm holding back from you
Because once you get me there is no turning back
In this game of two
heartbreaker and the fool.
RN Nov 2018
I'm trying to be a bad man
Literally a bad man, man
Dating and hurting other girls for fun
Just to forget my life's wonder woman

I got my hair dyed tonight
It's my first time I tried
Wanting to look bad outside
But still have a good heart inside

I want to be a bad man to forget you
Play with every girl like uncle drew
Do crazy ****ts to myself and others too
I'm a bad man now, so F.U. Wooh!
Rhymes in my Mind
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2018
I am waiting for this daydream
To fizzle out, die
For him to finally prove
This relationship is just a lie.

That everyone else's words are right
This ice is too thin
I must be crazy if I trust
And waste time with him.

I will only end up getting hurt
I know what's at stake
I'm telling you from the start
It is a chance I'm willing to take.

I might be a fool but I am
Ready for what turmoil may come
I am steeling my heart for the moment
When everything good comes undone.

I do not need your "wisdom"
Your bias and bitter advice
If he breaks me to pieces
You are not the ones who'll pay the price.

You do not understand my world
And to you I will not explain
I'm going to leave it at this
My happiness is worth the risk of pain.
Written a long time ago about a short relationship. He was a good guy though.
helena alexis Jul 2018
a reality seduced by danger is
what made her want him more
the passion between them was electric
the way their bodies fit together like
puzzle pieces in the night
she’s addicted to the thrill
and to the evil angel who
wants her to be his forever
Lily Jun 2018
He was the tough guy,
The bad boy, the person
You never, ever crossed.
He was the owner of the old hotrod, the
House you always avoided
Because it was too loud and smelly.
He was the guy who never
Shaved his beard, kept at least
Three motorcycles in his garage, and
Had a different girlfriend every month.
He was the tough guy.
But then his dad took ill,
And suddenly he didn’t care
About his hotrod anymore.
His buddies were forgotten,
His workshop untouched,
As his calloused hands held
His father’s weak and shaky ones.
The graveside service was
A week later, and I remember
Him kneeling over his father’s coffin,
Head bowed in prayer,
Trying to stay calm, but
Tears flew down his cheeks with
An intensity that no one had
Seen before, nor since.
And that’s when I learned that
Tough guys aren’t always tough.
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