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Madisen Maureen Feb 2015
The wind slowly, but swiftly swaying
Against the petals of the pale lilac flower,
Beautiful yet fragile, only praying
For the storm to pass over the tall towers
Of the frightening city.
Its stem crawling closer and closer to its breaking point
As the water flows towards the river's edge; pity
On the sun's glory and shine. Disjointing
The flower's yellow belly from its furrowing leaves
As its life withers away, taken from the nature of thieves.
  Sep 2014 Madisen Maureen
Someone once told me
That freckles
Were angel kisses.
And god, was I envious
Of every angel
That got to float down
And kiss your face
As many times
As they had.
  Sep 2014 Madisen Maureen
I can't remember where I was a week ago,
Let alone any conversation I had this morning.

But baby, I have memorized constellations on your freckled face,
And the way you sound when you're tired.

I can still feel the stories you traced into my skin with your fingertips.
and every promise you whisper to me when it's late and you think I've fallen asleep.

your eyes are my light, that guide me home
whenever I get lost along the road.
  Sep 2014 Madisen Maureen
You promised to love me for eternity.

                                                     I believed you.
  Sep 2014 Madisen Maureen
Her eyes are the sea,

                                  and god, am I lost.
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