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Monique Isom  Oct 2014
~To Trust~
Monique Isom Oct 2014
To trust is a delicate thing,
it's putting a heavy heart on a birds wings,
and hoping it has the strength to fly,

To trust is a fragile thing,
like a heart, once stabbed, can destroy
an entire being

To trust is like giving away a sentiment,
so precious, unique, irriplaceable,
once forgotten is a lifetime forgotton
Steve Page Jan 2019
Forgotton memories stomped in like strangers at a funeral, uninvited and unwanted, smiling like they belonged, but no one recognised their songs. As they talked, as they drank and sang, as they told their stories they became more strangely familiar. We found their smiles infectious despite our resistance and started to recognise some of their tunes at their insistence. Faint but familiar laughter echoed from fathoms below and slowly our mourning began to losen its wet hold. Our sadness became tinged with a happiness long forgotton and scenes from years long gone rose from the bottom of our dark well of emotion, lifting our faces to the surface, giving us a glimpse of a greater hope and clearer purpose, to tell our stories, with laughs and tears finding an uncomfortable coexistence as we danced and shared this messy remembrance.
Grief is a messy business.
Audrey May 2014
Breathe in-2-3, out-2-3
Your eyes snap open
Sweat beads your forehead
You feel the cold circle
Of a gun against your temple.

Breathe in-2-3, out-2-3
Your eyes squeeze close
Your finger tightens on the trigger
Will you be strong enough?
But then you stop.

Breathe in-2-3, out-2-3
Your eyes open in wonder
Your shoulders slump
The gun lays forgotton on the table
A warm hand covers yours.

Breathe in-2-3, out-2-3
Your eyes close slowly
Your lips touch
Warmth surrounds you
The world is comforting again.
Autumn Dec 2012
would you rather feel the sting of somebody not remembering you when they could not leave your mind even if you wanted them too?
forgooten, and glad that you were because of the awful tings youv'e done?
would you want to be recalled and here the dissapointment in their voice as to what they remember you as?
would you want to be recalled for the only good things you'vr done making your whole life, look like something out of an all to sweet fairytail?
Julie  Dec 2020
Julie Dec 2020
Forgotton what we know
Behind of looking back
Bow the hands to sow
Open to pump of hello

Forgotton where we came
Dry the cloth of clothes
Strip to bear, no playing games
One of two the sun of same

Forgotton of forward play
Empty hands push through
No doors of hidden say
Forgotton for one more day
Mark Nelson  Sep 2010
Mark Nelson Sep 2010
Willow herb floating

on silent certainty

ashes of sighs

not fleeting,

unvapoured on the

blossom of the rain,

I am too light to

pull or push

the swing of delight

through this land.

The rain left me for a


sun unshielding

-a thousand widows

more unyielding than the depths . .

Once shadowed whisperers

of delight,gossamer

sparkling , descending

their chains

of necromantic hope.

Lilith is no night owl

she is mother, eve

and my becoming:

sweet earth spun

at once ,

exhaling her .

The see saw

bumped gently

on my chin

it is a most gentle

form of awakening.

The silence bore no whispers

till sinking through the quicksand

-or was it quicksilver?

-in any case I could smell little

in my amniotic amnesia.

I made ten thousand friends,till their soap

made this place clean.

Is this a seed or a dying


-is my sallow sowing

beyond all shores of


a reflection of the child

they dared not bear?

Is my last breath like this

a forgotton yielding

will they catch me

as I fall ?

-(sweet earth)-

This moth of my ending,

a shallow recantation,

my fears-

their memories, mere

testubes of

stylish hope .

I breathe the elegant stare

you have forgotten .

Once more free

from such


I need not ,

remained not ,

your imploded ,

wakefulness .

A thousand pardons

exhaled like silk


an unfinished race

spider of a thousand eyes .

One may say

I was


to death

but surrogate air

mocks childish pity.

Taut refelexions

bear salt echoes

in silk convulsions

fresh water

a veneered hope .

Easier in death than life

is a child's sorrowed

partings ,

the illusion of


rippled tides


The oceans have not enough salt

for such shrunken sorrow.

if we could but once

have shared

unbreathed aspersion .

The room has come and gone

the pillow quite undry



A web untouched
2003. Tribute to Christina Lothian english teacher ,ended her life in the river Ayr ,in the embrace of another woman .They jumped together.I found out 30 years too late.
Alin Feb 2015
Listen to the beat
Take the road
you always compose
of traffic of light
frequency of each pass
renews an auditory
tone of an unknown speech
the colored pitch
tap N
speed up
to cut to
a fading melody
a distortion in reality
to awaken the forgotten symphony
hung in ears while you are half asleep
singing a truth of you from all of you
a gifted silence from your source well
is a wish to come true
Whitney B  May 2013
Whitney B May 2013
We all have that moment
When we feel joy
When we are happy
We shut out the noise
A whisper in the wind
Our problems go away
And we are smiling
When we haven't all day
We all have that moment
When we actually forget
All the things that trouble us,
Until the next threat
Charlie Hazels Apr 2014
Does she know what I'm thinking
Can she see it in my eyes
When she talks about Alice
A little bit of me dies

I weep but she doesn't see.

She's so beautiful but she doesn't know it
Her arm covered in lines of silvery white
They read 'dragon' again and again
When she walks in the room my heart soars like a kite

I head it so I don't embarrass her.

I have her gift that smells of her
Her picture in my head is what keeps my alive
Sometimes I sit and watch her draw
Good cop bad cop sketch book five

Just this year.

I have no shame of what I feel
But I can't confront those who will
The one I've told I think has guessed who
But if I tell others my grave is filled.

I'm not ready to die quite yet.

The friendzone is a danger
Which I am part of now
We have so much in common
Escape? Tell me how

I dare not break the bond we have.

I'm not stupid I know she has faults
But I admire each of them
Because she knows what they are
And to me they are gems

To be prized an not forgotton, but admired.

In turn she knows what I am like
How cruel I am to those I love
How I destroy all that I care about
Because I am a bomb and not a dove

Painted white to show my innocence
Dont compare your life
With mine with her
How could you dare
You think it was easier
i was a bad kid
Whi never had a stable home
Was molested, detested
Cuz I was too young to be left alone
Mistreated, beaten
but i was rotton
For no reason at all
13 yrs old forgotton
Juvenile hall
Very few loved me
Hated by all
Like i asked to be here
i made this call
Then when someone
Did have love for me
smiled at my success
She made sure i felt
Unwanted and a worthless mess
Even when she was given the tools
For her and I to make amends
She choose to toss them aside
like i was a means to an end
I couldnt of felt more abandoned
And so a wall was built
Of course i left
Why would i stay
So i could continue
To be treated this way
She didnt miss me at all
those were their best years
Everyone was so happy
When i wasnt there
Why do you think
I feel its better this way
When she died
All ties vanished away
I dont neeed her parasites
Take on her worries
Her problems
In this life.
If she did so right by you
Go   be    hurry
Do what you do
Im not sorry
For leaving that way
I will neber be back
There is no someday
Very few things
That were good
happened to me there
So for the life of me
I dont see how you compare
Also your father
Couldnt stand me
And nor i him
Like i needed
Another alcoholic screaming
His drunk slurs again
That ***** was crazy
If she thought it was happening
Thats why at 14 yrs old
Me and nana lived alone
just on the other side of town
Oh where was precious mother
no where i was found
Now think about that
And tell me how you compare
Cuz she didnt fall through
For a while ******* year
the only reason she knew
I was pregnant
Cuz she would gossip
With ******* who were ignorant
Not cuz she tried to be around
Ask our dear brother he will tell
how much effort she roused
Think i felt abandoned and alone
That poor kid oh my god
He was left with schizophrenic soul
Cuz it was too much for her
To be provided for on a silver platter
ridiculous and so low.
So dont come to me with your mess
Of how lessyou feel
Without me in your home
You dont know what your saying
Less then half my age
And trying to make me change
All cuz we came from the same hole.

— The End —