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Jack Jenkins Nov 2019
//On exhaustion//
annh Sep 2019
At five,
For matching socks;
I meet my train, asymmetrically dressed.

‘Improbable as it may be, the day still has a few indignities left.’
- Colson Whitehead, The Colossus of New York
Words' Worth Aug 2019
Count to ten
Let your temper go away
At the first second, or knock yourself out
At the second slices away the cake, count the next one
The third second comes after a day of the second coming before it
The fourth one, wait for near a five-second stop between minute indents
Sixth, seven, then comes eight
Where's nine, close to your thumb
It's in your pocket asking for seconds
Before it is ten seconds, you're out of time.
So, before you get angry
Count to ten
Common time
Ceyhun Mahi Aug 2019
Ripped shirt,
but I am still
running with all my might
through this house who's doors are all locked,
to Light.
A reference to the story of the Prophet Yusuf/Joseph.
Scatterbrained Jul 2019
Tell me what it’s like
To not fear your own shadow
Always it follows
Scatterbrained Jul 2019
The world may be dim
But the sun shines bright on you
My beacon of light
L Sep 2018
Christ. Lord. Help me. This is all too much. When you feel too much. What in the **** do you do.
     . I am you. I want your essence in myself. Its always been there. But now that i know,
I want you indefinitely. I want to feel you. I want your lettering across my skin. I want your words in my mouth. I want your feelings to drip down my throat. I want the infinity that i feel i have been promised.
Not now, no. I have never been impatient. But i do want it. Eventually. I want it all. I want what is mine.
Philomena Jun 2019
"It's caving in around me
What I thought was solid ground
I tried to look the other way
But I couldn't turn around
"It's ok for you to hate me
For all the things I've done
I've made a few mistakes
But I'm not the only one

Step away from the ledge
I'm coming down

I could never be
What you want me to
You pulled me under
To save yourself
You will never see
What's inside of me"
Philomena Jun 2019
"I'm drowning in the bottom of a bottle.
Running from a man I swore I'd never be.
No one ever has to face tomorrow.
But I'm the one that has to face me.
It's the demons I've created for myself.
The tragic truth.
It's hard for me to understand myself.
So it has to be hard as hell for you."
Philomena Jun 2019
"Hope I'm on the list of people that you hate
It's time you met the monster that you have helped create


It's hard not to be a menace to society
When half the population is happy on their knees"
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