Remmy Sep 6

twenty seven
twenty seven days without the love of my life
twenty seven days of agonizing pain spent in terribly agony
twenty seven days free from someone whos love had expired long ago
twenty seven days trying to love myself
twenty seven days trying to fight to not call her
twenty seven days in turmoil
twenty seven days of taping my phone to the counter
twenty seven days of spontaneous beach trips
twenty seven days of misery
twenty seven days realizing just how far I had fallen for her mischievous smile and steady gaze
twenty seven of the best worst days of my life

Mister J Aug 29

You keep me
Falling towards you
Gravity pulling me down
Closing in to you
Momentum too fast
I can’t think anymore
You’re pulling me in
I keep on

I’m falling still
Drawn to your charms
The innocence of your eyes
Lingering on my mind
Those tender lips
Warmly touching mine
Sinking in too deep
I can’t stop

I can’t understand
What makes me stay?
Is it the passion?
The depression or desperation?
You got me cornered
Pushed to the limits
I can’t escape you
Why do I keep

All my defenses crumbling
Why can’t I resist you?
You’ve broken all my doubts
You’ve calmed my storms
You picked up my brokenness
And made me whole
I can’t deny this anymore
For you I am

All my agony you banished
What else will you do?
You've kept me hooked
To the scent of you
Your body syncing with mine
In perfect harmony
The pleasure eats my sanity
Just let me keep on

I am left addicted to you
What else can I do?
To please you is my vow
Your happiness is mine
Your lust sustains me
Your love brings me sanity
You are everything to me
And yet every day you still keep me

Midnight writing.
Last one for the day.


It's all I can do


love doesn't live here anymore...
        what I tell myself as I pick dead rose petals from the ground
              I keep them in a jar by my windowsill when it rains-
    because even the fallen deserve a view of angels crying

Seema Aug 12

Fallen flowers on my grave
The most favorite of them all
I am not there to receive it
Please let those petals fall

A bunch of fresh tulips
With mesmerizing flavored scent
Thank you for your kindness
I know it's with love, you meant

The words you spoke slowly
Sitting beside my fresh grave
I know you are too broken
Please take care and be brave

Sickness, life and death
Is not a puppet played by men
It gets to one and eats them up
Tomorrow it could be your turn

I am free from the miseries
Of the incurable sickness
I do hope you settle now
My death,
should not be your weakness!


Michalis Aug 7

The times are so ever changing,
man builds on clouds and sand,
wave by wave he builds o anew,
ever to tie his worn out old shoe.

They call on Me in utter despair,
lungs and stomach can not care,
for roar ye must if thee shall see,
that he thy dog shall bark at Me!

Crave now or ever be thou silent,
for hasten ye must, a dog violent,
he rips thy reason indeed o apart,
for lo he is not thine lovers heart.

Yield O Warrior, find thy strength!
The King calls for thee to guard O!
Crown thine Father to put so high!
Kneel and receive thine initiation.

So be it, for thou walketh O alone,
until ye remove thou heavy stone.
We shall meet along thine journey,
for none can truly try to burn Me.


Inspired by the road we all walk...
Trixia Aug 4

she was beauty in sorrow,
a lightning in the sky,
a rainbow after rain,
but a devil in disguise,
she wasn't given a chance to prove,
now she rules,
she is a devil queen,
that could freeze up hell in a second,
and shut down earth,
her looks are perfect,
raven haired,
browns eyes,
pink lips,
but either do we know,
there is a dark side of hers,
that we could not see,
and even the brightest light
could not light up,
she's a princess of chaos and danger,
she loves the smell of blood
and sad faces
with angry souls,
she could see right through you,
so never ever get her mad,
'cause any second she could freeze you up,
her specialty was never fire,
it was ice that ignites her.

are just
of fallen Gods.

for these Gods
will never learn
the art of falling,
so they just leave
the falling
to crystal  clear

I decided that every written poem will have it's own translation in both English and Romanian. For how could I forget where I am and where I come from?  

Despre ploaie

este numai
zeilor cazuti.

intrucat zeii
sti-vor niciodata
arta caderii,
asa ca lasa
Nadia DeLevea Jul 28

Eyes staring, glaring,
Beauty she is wearing,
Weight of the world baring,
Cannot stop her caring,
Everyone comparing,
Swearing, tearing, wearing her,
     Breaking her,
          Fallen down,
               Face down,
                    Flat down,


Small looks despairing,
Silent tears repairing,
Strong and firm declaring.

Spoken Truth™  By Nadia DeLevea
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