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A M Ryder Apr 2019
In romantic relationships
You speak Latin
And your empire falls

In platonic relationships
You speak Greek
And think about caves
Leal Knowone Jan 2017
The threshold of the unpassed
days of future past
dolled my own edge
living life in my head
I've worn more nooses than crowns
we've seen the empires fall down
dreams fall down to the ground
and we don't make a sound

love to see death on the TV screen
*** it seems so real to me
and life can be so obscene
better than life so real to me

The endless charades we play
The memories last
Living life on the edge
wondering will it last
I've worn more nooses than crowns
the walls come crumbling down
dreams fall down to the ground
And we can't make  sound
Francie Lynch Apr 2016
The Sphinx's riddle
Ended with a stick man holding a stick.
The cane.
Those Egyptians were on top of the chain.

What will Lady Liberty's Riddle be
For today's Empire.
After the machines, tubes and electronics
Have made us blade runners.

With a cane.
AfterImage Jan 2016
I find myself lingering more and more in the emptiness and because of this I awake in the chaos of a misplaced life. I am constantly forced to build an empire from the ruins of my mind, but the bricks never align the same each time.

                       I am
not doing
                          well. I’m
                                 doing well
          at all.
Sy Lilang May 2015
And I'll throw my weakness
Into your greatness
If this broken heart is all you want
Sy Lilang May 2015
My heart beating, my soul breathing
I found my life when I laid it down
Upward falling, spirit soaring
I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground
NewAgeOfAnarchy Oct 2014
Fame builds heroes and icons, notoriety builds legacy and empires

— The End —