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Rəhman JA Jan 2019
In my blood just nicotine and caffeine,
They are running stray in my vein,
Sometimes even i can't feel my brain,
Numbers are falling on me like rain.

Torture is illegal,but exam not,
I'm okay till here what i've got,
How the hell answer can change with the dot,
We choose the math but suicide methods a lot.
Exams are harmful for your health
Jacob Haines Jun 2018
Finally rid of you.
You've clung to me for two whole years
like a parasite; fetid, vestigial.

This mild Friday was the surgeon's scalpel,
carving away the rotting flesh
till I could breathe again.

First came giddiness.
Light enough to float with the burden off my shoulders,
ready to sink into the depths of the dog days.

My bag practically emptied itself.
The papers and books interred in a box so I could
finally remember what my tabletop looked like.

Languor overcame me then, and I set about
drowning German recitals in episodes of QI,
burying Hamlet quotes with a controller as my shovel.

A thought crossed my mind as I
gutted the last of my sorting algorithms and Python code,
that I had been destroying part of myself.

Like the ***** that earned his fortune by
pleading for coins and pity from others. I had
forgotten what I was before.

I'm not worried, though.
Now I can write my Name, Centre Number and
Candidate Number on the next paper of my life.

Just remember block capitals. Write within the boxes.
Don't communicate with others. Keep your phone off.
As you can probably tell, I just finished my A-Levels. The relief is real, and I'm in that transitive stage between mid- and post-exam stress where I'm able to write stuff like this. Enjoy.
Pinkbun17 May 2018
Adulthood is a façade
Humans are creatures of habit,
And victims of circumstances
Yet, oddly some locate adaptability
Childhood memories escape us-
With great ease.
True happiness is a fleeting concept
But- without despair, joy is a numbing sensation
Aging does not bring forth
The harvest of wisdom
Experience is an unkind professor
Strict and expecting perfection
The guide’s knowledge is dished
In a condescending tone.
The student is brimming with anxiety-
Unprepared for the final exam.
Wrote this about a year ago. This poem has been published in my college's journal. :)
Illya Oz May 2018
I didn't write my essay...

Because in a room of silence,
Everything feels so loud.
My brain is screaming at me to run away,
Like the paper in front of me has claws and teeth,
Just waiting to tear me apart.
I want to tear it apart.

I can feel it bubbling and boiling up my throat,
Suffocating me so the anxiety can breath.
But I can't breath.
When did this silence become so deafening?
I had a SAC (a very important test) yesterday. I've had a really bad depressive episode for the past week, not able to concentrate in class and kept telling my teacher I was fine. I wrote 3 sentences for an essay that was ment to be 600+ worlds long because I was so anxious. I wrote this poem on the back on my essay. I wonder what my teacher is going to say.
sam i yam not,
     nor will this 'lo bot go away
cuz, every coordinate in cyber space allows,
     enables and provides
     an opportunity to bray,

and thence get access
     to each excel lent power full point
     one among the beguiling bajillion,
thus this ming boggling concept proffers

     (even the generic mom and pop hacker
     tubby in her/his element field gloating
     as if they won
     the Irish Sweepstakes that day

despite neither could claim
     direct lineage, sans Emerald Eire
  analogous to Celtic temptress,
     whose grand geography

     beckons toward entranceway,
where sensory, levity,
     and ecstasy punctuate foray
boot that diverges one hundred

      and eighty degrees asper gateway
onrush of spam enters electronic hatchway
spilling forth like
     offal horrific bilge interlay

sloshing violently, revoltingly,
     and nauseatingly, witnessing a jay
bird donning mask (yule hating)
     beak coming contrivance fashioned keyway.

force full brainstorm to firewall
     to place on indefinite layaway
inundation of spam midway
between now and eternity,

     essentially noway
no more, and if necessary
     hermetically seal myself
     stationing a pal in drone willingly overpay!
Wellspring Nov 2017
As I wait for the inevitability that lurks beyond the horizon,
I wish I could sleep, relax.

As I wait for this torturous life to continue,
I wish I could look beyond, longingly.

As I wait for the tests and trials to come,
I wish I could believe their words of comfort, help.

As I wait for the oncoming storm,
I wish. Hope.
Yup. Procrastinating again. I have and exam tomorrow, but that'll be easy, it's a poetry analysis and CRT, it's the maths exam I'm really worried  about...
Wellspring Nov 2017
I am studying.
I am dying from exams.
I should get some sleep.
Don's you just love exams? I don't. I hate it.
HYA Nov 2017
Hala! Nakalimutan ko
Ano nga ba yung sagot nito?
Mababagsak na naman
May laman ba itong aking isipan?

Kahit paulit-ulit na intindihin
Wala talaga kahit na pilitin
Jusko, estudyante ba ako?
Siguro, sa pag-aaral ay dapat ng huminto

Oy, parang may sagot si katabi
Sisilipin ko nga nang kaunti
Kokopyahin ko na rin pala
Baka ako ay may pag-asa pa

Hinay-hinay lang, baka mahalata
Katabi, maawa ka sa tulad kong maralita
Maralita sa kaalaman
Maralita sa katalinuhan

Ngunit huwag kang mag-alala
Sapagkat aahon ako
Hindi man ngayon
Ngunit pagdating ng panahon

Hindi ako magaling sa ganitong larangan
Subalit ito ang magpapatibay sa ating pagkakaibigan
Kaya, katabi, pakopya naman diyan
Babawi ako sa susunod na pasukan

Ang paaralan ay hindi nagsusuri ng talino
At kundi ang pagkamasunurin mo
Patawad kung bobo ako sa mga ganitong uri ng bagay
Baka malapit ka ng dumayo sa sarili kong lamay

Yung totoo, nagsisikap naman ako
Para kahit papano, may masagutan akong numero
Nasanay na sa mga mababang marka
Ang buhay ko ay totoong may talim na

Kaya, katabi, pakopya naman dyan
Ang ganitong uri ng sitwasyon ay minsan lang naman
Kasi minsan lang din naman tayo nagkakatabi
Kaya pokopyahin mo ako kahit na kaunti

Kung pwede lang sana na maipakita ang sariling talento
Siguro ang pagkaperpekto ay noon ko pa natanto
Ay, walang namang perpekto
Sa mundong napupuno ng demonyo

Demonyong nakatira sa langit
Kasama ang mga anghel na lalong pumapangit
Kapag hindi nasusunod ang kanilang mga gusto
At ang mga sungay, hanggang ngayon ay nakatago

Katabi, huling pangongopya nalang ito
Sige na. Matatapos na ang huling minuto
Hindi na mauulit, hindi 'to isang pangako
Katabi, pwede bang mangopya sayo?

Tatlongpung segundo nalang
Labing-isang segundo nalang
Katabi, salamat
Isang segundo nalang

Maipasa na nga.
This note and poem are not related.

A new member of the family! Even though you're still in your mom's tummy, I already love you. I'm an only child but I have cousins whom I am close with and here you areeee! Welcome to this wicked life and don't worry,  we will protect you no matter what.

♥ I'm gonna let her/him read this when he/she grows up ♥
Ksjpari Aug 2017
Dear students Examinations denote
That you and teachers clearly emote
Their feelings out and try to devote
Their time and energy for this rowboat.
Mind that nurtures it will surely vote
Their success to teacher to roam afloat.
Let be a doctor, teacher or student tote
Examinations did need a nice quote.
Whether you be known or remote
Is decided by many reports wrote.
Evil or bad about exams is misquote
By all as it leads us to get more groat.
Ravana like teachers do connote:
Exams are tiny tot like just a mote.
The only tool which writes footnote
For children and save them from a dote.
Lastly, it is just like Gita a good keynote.
I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style. Thanks for your inspiring, kind, soft fingers.
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