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miracle Jul 13
My second name
My brand
My poems
My mess
My toughts
My feelings
My life
miracle Jun 4
I don't know who I am
What I'm doing
What life means
Are you going to tell me
Tell me who I am
What to do
What my life means
miracle Jun 3
You’re calling out my name
I don’t hear you
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine don’t worry”
Am I tho
Who knows
miracle May 17
You’re brave
But in pain
May I help
You say no
You think yes
But they won’t let me
I’m sorry
I don’t want to lose you
I can’t help
Not allowed to
I’m sorry
miracle May 16
What was that!? I say to myself as I wake up sweating
It’s nothing
And go back to sleep

I hear a scream
It's nothing  
And go back to sleep

That cold hand on my leg
I try to move. I can’t
It’s nothing
And go back to sleep.

My eyes slowly open. I see something, someone
“Don’t be afraid of the dark  
What you’ll see in the light is far worse”
I tell myself
And go back to sleep

Tied to my bed
Can’t move
Can’t talk
But can see
I can’t
Try to go back to sleep
I can’t
I hear it approaching
It’s getting closer
I’m starting to see it
I wanna scream
I can’t
I wanna run
I can’t
I’m sorry, I tell myself
I shouldn’t have ignored it
This is it
Then everything goes dark

I can’t remember anything
Just that everyone
Was standing next to my bed
What happened?

Nobody knows
13) true story for 99%
miracle May 16
It’s raining outside
Don’t you think it’s a beautiful
The rain falling down
Isn’t it funny
How I can make it rain too
Cheeks wet
Eyes red.
miracle May 16
That smile
That beautiful smile
You think it wouldn't hide a thing
But that smile was created
To hide
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