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Astra Jul 2018
Shh silence she’s asleep,
Quite to not make a peep,

The child made of concrete and leaves,
Is fast asleep,
Move to quickly and the ground will shake,
allow the vibrations to awake,
A silent soul so pure and innocence,

Yet the world decided to scream,

Frightened and confused the child moves just to quickly,
To hear the earth raddle as the body meets the floor,

I wish they would have just
listened some more..
Listening , All rights reserved,  written by fragilehalo
Astra Jan 2019
Watch me,

Watch me eat a cake,
the whole dang cake,

Watch me own MY body,
and ignore your comments,

Watch me smile,
as each day my thighs get a little bigger,

Watch me learn,
learn to love me,
learn to respect myself,

Watch me,
own who I am and make no apologies

Watch me,
want my life,
my mind,
and every piece of who I am,

Watch me,
watch me as I have bad days,
and watch me as I strive,

Watch me as I come alive!
This is just the beginning of my confidence. All right reserved.  Written fragilehalo
Astra Jan 2019

One word changes a life

Update: this one changed mine!
Astra Jan 2019
Shut up, I screamed to my mind only to realize I just woke it up.
All rights reserved, Written by FragileHalo
Astra Jan 2019
You're right..I'm not over it...but you forgot one word..YET..
I'm not over it yet but eventually I will be and you'll be the one left missing me.
All right reserved, Written by fragilehalo

— The End —