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Zaira Oct 2020
Maybe that’s why
I stayed alone for so long—
to numb the idea of another human being thinking outside of themselves just long enough to rub off on to me.

I am whole all on my own
before after and between you.

Maybe that’s why I stayed alone..
so long.
Holding myself at night was bigger than teaching one to hold onto things they supposedly love—
It isn’t love who blocks the vision
it’s the whispers of where you may lack. Lack of trusting
you’ll balance yourself in these bonds..

You are already whole on your own
before after and between.
The Unsung Song Apr 2020
Enough is enough.
I'm done sitting in a room of darkness.
I'm done shouting into the void of black.
I want the world to see me for who I am.
For without the controversy of a feeling man,
I would not be what I am.

Enough is enough.
I want the world to see,
what I was meant to be.
I want my creativity,
to pour and pour out of me.
For without the controversy of a creative man,
I would not be what I am.

Enough is enough.
I need the world to relinquish me,
from this undying epiphany.
This epiphany which tells me,
that I am nothing without my pen.
I am this pen,
and this pen is I.
Bleeding ink to page,
while I figure out what next to write.
As though there is nothing to do,
but write.
For without the controversy of a passionate man,
I would not be what I am.

When enough is enough,
you suddenly become,
good enough.
I've been struggling with self-worth lately. Writing about it helps a lot. While in this writing session, I've learnt that I need to accept myself for who I am, instead of letting other people's opinions define me.
arra Dec 2018
To whoever reading this
May your heart be at peace
Even you woke up late this morning
Even you got stuck in traffic
Even in work you got tardy
Even your work filled up
Even your stomach almost empty
Even your task is not done
Even you feel you are not enough
You are Enough
And your heart needs to be happy
Because today,
You have done enough.
Hey lovely, smile because you are ENOUGH! :)
astro eyes Nov 2018
you are

only just



on a cake


haley Aug 2018
I gave you choices, chances, and changes
but it still wasn't enough for you to stay.
I choose to move onto better things.
I take chances because I don't know how things will turn out,
and maybe, just maybe they'll turn out okay.
I changed for the better. for myself.
I've never been happier
- thank you for not accepting me

— The End —