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Jun 2020
Science is my religion
Listen before you shout
"No, now that's impossible"
Please, just hear me out.

Science is my religion
It fits the basic rules
It explains the way the world works
And I personally think it's cool.

Long ago, if a volcano struck
We explained it with our gods
I'm not saying that's not wrong,
(But there might've been different odds)

So science is my religion
Researchers are my priests
Announcing new discoveries
Natures now-known feats.

A hypothesis is my prayer
What I think will happen
It's my way of saying "please,
Bless me with thy compassion"

When my hypothesis is wrong
It doesn't mean I'm bad
Doesn't mean I've sinned
Or that a god is mad

It simply means it's different
I haven't found the answer
I will go and ask for help
Find a scientific pastor.

A lab room is my chapel
To go when I need guidance
Or have a burning question
I will answer it with science.

I do not mean to harm
Start an all-out war of deities
I respect and appreciate all gods
All religions of different varieties

But science is my religion
My way of finding answers
Where my curiosity flourishes
Motivation to acts of good manners.

Once again, please do not yell
Tell me that I must be wrong
It's just that our views differ
We sing a different song

I love that you have yours
God, gods, spirits, angels, more
I know we can all get along
Just as nicely as before.

Science is my religion
Researchers, my priests
A hypothesis, my prayer
A laboratory, my chapel.
Written by
M  18/F/Unknown
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