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Anon 5d
Who am I?
Its funny you should ask.  I wish I could give you an answer but I simply do not know.
Can anyone truly say that they can answer that question! Aren't we all just lost in this world constantly searching for who we think we are?
We as these humans can never be one thing for any longer than a second. We are incapable of just being.
We are constantly shifting, changing and conforming to suit those around us in this harsh society.
So, Who am I you ask?
I guess my answer is...
Anon 6d
Some people,
Unknown to the people around them,
Isolate themselves from the world.
Causing them to have so many thoughts,
Ideas they can't control
Decisions running through their head.
Eventually, they decide it's easier to just, end it.
Not everyone is as happy as they seem
Anon Jan 13
The lines cutting through the canvas,
one by one carving it up.
Slowly turning it into this piece of "art".
The vivid colours jumping from the page
screaming, Look at me! Look at me!
Well, we are looking.
Yet we never truly see what is there.
Anon Jan 11
Pain, it's such a strange thing.
It can make us feel so many different things but also nothing.
I constantly question myself as to how that's possible. To one second feel complete agony but the next, nothing.
How can a feeling have such control over each and every one of our bodies in such different ways?

Although, pain isn't always bad.
Pain can be used to show us that we are still alive!
That we can still feel.
It can show us we are in control.... or perhaps it just likes to let us think that.

Sometimes you have no idea it's coming.
One day you can be completely happy and content with your life then,
Your world is turned upside down.

There doesn't have to always be a trigger
sometimes it's like it just enjoys taking over your body
making sure you feel nothing but pain and sorrow.
There is no escaping it.
It is excruciating.
It is numbing
It is all around.

— The End —