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ohjamie Sep 2014
And 4 years later,

I still cannot find love as

Hopeless as with you.
Encounters with Temporaries:
Artemis X Aug 2014
that’s you—
to throw yourself
into a deep unknown

it’s not just words
it’s //
the inhale, 
the life we choose
to intake

you don’t know me
and i don’t know you
but i trust you
and you me

and in the very love
we have for life;
or perhaps essence?
that we live
even if
it all comes to a minute

what does it matter?

a glimpse is still a glimpse 
sometimes more Signifcant
than a lifetime
by varying 
minute degrees
Erin Atkinson Aug 2014
he was being he
and I was
Stopped his world for a second
from what you love
from what loves you;
It's only nostalgia now
       and nostalgia is  
                                   my favorite word.
Cleanse my faith
               of your proud sins and
Be human.
          please be human again.
Christian Ek Apr 2014
I ask you to show me art.
Tear the normal apart.
Weary first impressions, I want to see you fall apart.
Smeared make-up like smeared paint on the artist hand.
Let’s save time and truly start.
I have notebooks full of holes.
Little do we know until one shows.
Their insides spilling out insights.
Spark an incent, in a instance, the smoke clears the tense and suspense out of a safe room where your nature can be exposed.
A cup containing wine acts like a truth serum.
Songs meaning equal same rhythms.
Candle light dancing paradigm.
Here we will meet on the same page.

— The End —