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Chelsea Dec 2014
We sit outside 
Gazing at clouds
. Hoping for that eye. 
That caught spark from a swirl of flames
. Reaching for air, climbing high.
This beer gets me going. 
I’m left in my thoughts delving deep in a pool of my character where I hope to fish out that perfect line reeling you in for a time of storytelling. 
And there, I caught you. quick. with a gentle sting. only to let you go. 
But, darling don’t forget that I am as real as you and still enjoy the company of honesty. 
At every moment, I am trying to make history that shall remain and make me feel whole for a while. 
Every intimacy a poem.
Every memory a piece of the puzzle.
Completing my world, frame by frame.
This ocean of faces.
 Some come. Some go. Some remain. 
But Me, Myself and I all are one in the same. 
For in this world, me and myself, live for a very unique discovery.
 The Me prodigy. 
The more love spread the easier it is to see.
Chelsea Dec 2014
Right in between your lungs. your ribs it throbs knowing it needs more. the feeling is there but a piece is missing. to say that life is complete, you can feel the heat move within that spot. you know what it is after you almost feel it full already, but the only thing missing are the moments that make you say oh, this is why these feelings idle here. like a world without sun has no purpose. like a lamp without a lightbulb. And without someone to see the Earth, the vibrations of life are never felt. And without someone to turn on the lamp, dark rooms are never filled.
Chase wagt fills your soul.
Chelsea Dec 2014
Help me to not ever be afraid of myself. 
To not feel lonely when I am alone. Be with me in all your wisdom and keep me afloat. Help me to live in the moment but not impulsively. Help me to see and hold love in not just people but in actions and objects that surround like. Help me to notice the breeze on my face every time it blows past. To never take my loved ones or possessions for granted. To embody a love and passion for everything i do. Help me to know when to walk away and when to keep chasing. To always remember to write when I can’t scream. When I can’t run. I can run my emotions right out of my head and onto the paper. Help me to have faith in your plan for me to look to you and not to another human who is just as lost as I am. Lost in a sense that the discoveries never end until we pass in from this world. Help me to find reason in my confusion. To accept this world I love in and make it blend to what I’m doing, living in it, now. I pray that from here in out I work the way I wanna live. I truly, deeply pray that no one suffers tonight. That they lead their lives in peace.</p>
Chelsea Dec 2014
Be aware.
Be aware of the sun on your skin.
Be aware of the wind that rolls.
Be aware of the light that shines through in the morning.
Be aware of every smile, laugh and gentle whisper.
Be aware of your words and actions.
Be aware of the pain they can cause.
Be aware of the joy you can bring.
Be aware of yourself and your world.
Be aware that only love can flourish if you allow it.

— The End —